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How much money could you really save this year? How does $1000+ sound? If you’re who’s enjoyed her other Digests, she’s got a lot up her green, get-ready-for-spring sleeves, and you’re going to LOVE it!

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Prepare for springtime and enjoy BIG savings with Molly’s fabulous, fun, and frugal ideas for February!

How much money could you really save this year? Does $1000+ sound doable?

Put fresh ideas into practice and learn some innovative ways of doing things . . . with Molly Green!

Molly’s purpose and passion is to empower and encourage keepers-at-home during this tough economic season. She’s back with a giant edition of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest. If you’re one of the many who enjoyed her other Digest, she’s got a lot up her green, get-ready-for-spring sleeves in this issue, and you’re going to LOVE it!

What about that $1000+ a year, mentioned above? In the chapter “Keeping it all Together,” you’ll learn more about better budgeting and how you can save that amount just by working on changing your budget practices in one category!

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest’s-Gardening Basics and Natural Cleaners

Here are just a few of the many topics you’ll explore in this issue:

  • A Look at the Daily Lives of Women During the Great Depression: Learn how to adapt to some of the thrifty sense our grandmothers had.
  • Organizing Options for Managing Those Important Coupons: Using coupons yet? Check out these practical ideas to get you started and on your way to saving even more money each month.
  • More Exercises for Fiscal Fitness: Continuing from last month with the next step toward a healthier budget. Save over $1000 by the end of the year! Utilize this month’s informative guide and the budgeting form at the end of the Digest.
  • Bringing a Garden Theme into Your Home: Look around your house for items you can use to add a touch of spring to your home décor! Ever thought about garnishing with gardening supplies?
  • Extending Hospitality: Special dates for February and March may inspire a celebration. Invite some friends and neighbors for a garden-planning party and try out these delicious garden recipes. And more!
  • Self-esteem and Self-respect: What’s the scoop on self-esteem? Why does healthy self-respect matter? As parents, how can we foster self-respect in our kids?
  • Repurposing Objects: Change inexpensive, ho-hum items into attractive, useful, and appreciated items. See Dena’s useful pot rack and more! (photos included).
  • Getting Started in Gardening (February’s Feature) and Chickens: Plant a Molly garden! Make your own seed-starting cups (with lots of photos). No room for a backyard garden? You’ll find a fascinating potpourri of gardening ideas PLUS consider the benefits of growing or raising your own backyard flock of chickens! Includes many informational links.
  • Spring Clean, Homemade Cleaners: Lisa of Homestead Originals explains how to make a large variety of easy, effective “green” concoctions. You’ll save a lot just in this one area alone!
  • The Henderson Family Story: The “Goal-Getter Spotlight” this month is a heartwarming, very less-than-conventional one. Raising children in the country just the way they always envisioned, in a house with land that they fully and completely own and that has never seen a mortgage—their perseverance and good planning paid off!
  • Sale Merchandise for February: Save big on these often discounted items!
  • Molly’s Question of the Month: To be answered in a future issue. How do you save money on food? Tell us how you do it. Get in on this interactive feature now!

“This edition is being touted as a huge edition, and let me tell you, it is! And I LOVED every word of it. The articles are fabulous, and the down-to-earth help given to the beginner or even the veteran homemaker are priceless!

~Jennifer Southern, TOS Research Panel

Over 35 pages of information & support for an incredibly low price! A small price to pay compared to the great benefits you’ll receive and the money you’ll be saving once you dig into this E-Book!


Project Manager: Eleanor Joyce

Contributing Writers: Harriette Jacobs, Kris Price

Publication: 2009

Pages: 38

File Size: 1.6MB


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