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Do your plans for the coming months include some time for rest and relaxation? Rest, relaxation, and adventure don’t have to cost a bundle! Explore summer fun and vacation ideas plus innovative ways to save!

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 What kind of vacation can you look forward to on a frugal budget?

You’d be surprised!

Rest, relaxation, and adventure don’t have to cost a bundle!
Explore summer fun and vacation ideas plus innovative ways to save, in this edition of . . .

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest -Frugal Family Vacations

With a bonus: Molly Interviews the Hillbilly Housewife!

Do your plans for the coming months include some time for rest and relaxation? Even in these days of uncertainty and change, it’s possible for nearly every family to enjoy a vacation, “stay-cation,” or “day-cation.” Discover great vacation ideas –even for those that can’t afford a vacation right now!

This issue is loaded with ideas, tips, recipes, checklists, and more to help you plan for those special family outings —all within your budget! With over 40 pages, there are so many ways to save and a lot to learn!

Just look at some of the intriguingly frugal topics you’ll find:

  • Begin with the Basics –Molly Interviews the Hillbilly Housewife: Susanne Myers is the proud owner of Her heart-felt mission is to share nutritious, low-cost recipes as well as money- and time-saving tips. You’ll encounter her responses to such questions as:

–If we make just one change this month in our eating or shopping, what should it be?

–What is the biggest money-saving strategy when it comes to groceries and food?

Plus, you have to explore this menu link: How to Cut Your Grocery Budget in Half! And you’ll want to add the recipes for Freezer Meat Loaf and Kid Kabobs!

  • Keeping it All together –Budget Your Vacation: There are oodles of economical vacation ideas plus money-saving tips on: transportation, lodging, entertainment, food, and souvenirs. And don’t miss this! Two special forms —Budgeting for Your Vacation and the Vacation Checklist!
  • Feather Your Nest –Frugally –A Painting Makeover Project: An old curb side chair from someone’s trash transforms into a beautiful treasure! The cost? $0.00. Check out the photos!
  • Pull Up a Chair –Reasons to Celebrate in June and July: You’ll have plenty of reasons to pull out the picnic basket and fire up the backyard barbecue grill! Try these favorite wrap ideas and recipes for Caesar, Mexican, Chicken Salad, and Hummus and Veggie fillings. Plus more!
  • Parenting That Pays –Honoring Our Fathers and/or Husbands: Wonderful, heart-felt tributes to some special dads are shared by many, highlighting something learned from their fathers –there’s much you’ll admire and appreciate from every one of these responses!
  • Something Old, Something New –An Old Baking Table Turned Beverage Station: Fixing a cup of coffee or cocoa is a snap in Eleanor’s kitchen now –with her all-in-one station spot for hot beverage preparation and serving. See the photos!
  • Goal-Getter Spotlight: Elizabeth shared a life-long dream of her husband’s, but farmland without a house takes some creativity! You’ll want to read her story.
  • Readers Write In: How did one reader’s family spend their “stay-cation”? What do you pack for a 3,000+ mile trip with kids? You’ll want to pack and take along this travel tote bag! Monica tells you how and shares some terrific must-read tips!

Molly’s Monthly Feature for June –Frugal Family Vacations . .

  • Start Your Surfing Here: Investigate links on travel tips, searching for vacation bargains, exploring national parks, camping-related crafts, recipes and resources, game and activity ideas, traveling with kids, and even how to pack like a pro!
  • A Capital Vacation: Learn how one family cut expenses on lodging, food and transportation before you plan your next trip to the nation’s capital! All the homework is done for you to make your D.C. trip a great success!
  • On The Road Again: Have you ever wanted to go someplace to visit, but your funds weren’t sufficient? What if you could go to that special destination on a very frugal budget? All it took for this family was a little planning, a map, and an eagerness to hit the road! Their destination? Dallas!
  • A Perfect Day at the Lake: For this family a perfect vacation day is a day spent at the lake –frugally of course! Save on gas for your trip, get great food ideas, make a natural bug repellent, bring your nature jars, pack a first aid kit, and dig your own earthworms! Use the Checklist for a Perfect Day at the Lake to make your day-cation the best fun ever for your family!
  • Homegrown Vacation Fun: Sometimes the absolute best relaxations you can experience and enjoy with your family are ones right in your own back yard! Included are a variety of wonderful suggestions for family get-togethers you’ll want to try this summer!Project Manager: Eleanor JoyceContributing Writers: Eleanor Joyce, Kris Price, Jennifer SikoraPublication: 2009Pages: 42File Size: 3 MB


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