Fall 2002 Back Issue


ONLY A FEW ISSUES LEFT!  The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine continues to grow! Begin your new school year by reading Gena Suarez’s interview with John Taylor Gatto, New York Teacher of the Year for 1990, and so much more!




The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine continues to grow, and this larger issue has more articles in it than ever before! Having doubts that homeschooling is the best choice? Then begin your new school year by reading Gena Suarez’s interview with John Taylor Gatto, New York Teacher of the Year for 1990. This in-depth, 6-page article will calm your fears about homeschooling and convince you that you are making the correct choice! Christine Field shares her “back-to-school” strategies, and Sylvia Britton shares some delicious recipes for the fall season. There is so much more—see the list of ALL of the contents below!

  • “Teacher of the Year? or Hero of the Decade?” Gena Suarez interviews John Taylor Gatto and discusses education in America and Mr. Gatto’s opinion that school institutions are not educating our children.
  • Christine Field says a quick “Hello from the Harried Homeschooler.” In Ms. Field’s article, she shares her thoughts on how to make things run a little more smoothly in your home. She also shares some of her “back to (home)school strategies” to make those first few days a little bit easier!
  • Dr. Brian D. Ray and Chris Jeub share “The Good News in Homeschooling.” This interesting article discusses several important concerns about homeschooling—Academics: how are the children doing? Socialization: how important is it? Isolation: are homeschoolers involved in their communities?
  • “Auditory Learners” Pamela Maxey discusses learning styles.
  • Jenefer Igarashi tells us the story of “The Hag, The Ogre, and the Chocolate Cake.”
  • “Idolatry in Homeschooling”? Ralph W. Moore explains.
  • New Column, “Tops Hats and Parasols.” This column is entirely dedicated to the discussion of literature and its use and application in your homeschool.
  • TOS Interviews Two Homeschool Authors, Rhonda Barfield, author of Real Life Homeschooling and Feed Your Family for $12.00 a Day, and June Oberlander, author of Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready.
  • “The Beautiful Bounty of Fall” Sylvia Britton shares delicious time-conscious recipes and ideas for the fall season.
  • “Exploring the Design and Perfection of the Creation” Dennis Peterson discusses the truth about the origins of the Creator’s creatures.
  • “For Handwritten Consideration” Nan Jay Barchowski gives some basic advice on teaching children how to write.
  • Kindergarten Korner In “Beginning Reading: Phonics!”  guest writer Dolores Hiskes gives readers some pointers on teaching reading skills.






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