Fall 2007 Back Issue


Our fall issue is packed with the information you need for high school plans and college options. But “How do we get it all done”? This issue will help you. Plus, we bring you a unit study on firefighting, law enforcement, and paramedics. Buy your copy today!



Our fall issue is packed with the information you need for high school plans and college options, along with more on what research is showing about homeschooling: that it works! We visit with homeschoolers who are hometown heroes and bring you a unit study on firefighting, law enforcement, and paramedics. Ruth Beechick discusses the best approach to basic math, experienced moms share their secrets, and much more! You’ll be encouraged and uplifted while finding tons of practical, useful advice. Just look below at some of the many articles in this issue. You won’t believe how much information we’ve managed to pack in here!

  • Joys of raising a large family.
  • Challenges of raising a large family.
  • Homeschool stats—how are we measuring up?
  • Research on academic performance.
  • Homeschoolers score higher than public school kids.
  • SAT scores and homeschool students.
  • The myth of “socialization” statistically.
  • Rob Reich argues that homeschooling must be regulated.
  • Homeschool parents’ right to educate their own children.
  • NEA’s position on homeschooling.
  • Unsung heroes—firefighters.
  • Forensic science (highly interesting!).
  • Homeschooling with a home business.
  • Five in a Row—and quilting.
  • Meet your child—through blogging
  • HSB Community Porch and back yard.
  • Discussion: McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers.
  • Discussion: Ray’s Arithmetic.
  • The calling of Christian filmmaking.
  • International Schoolhouse—South Korea!
  • Choices for college from a homeschool perspective.
  • Important websites—colleges and crucial organizations.
  • Paying for college.
  • Planning high school .
  • Clep testing.
  • The case for Christian college.
  • Homeschooling straight through college .
  • Full college directory.
  • Open Source Software (Linux geeks will love this).
  • A homeschool ballerina—a dream comes true.
  • Todd Wilson’s Christmas memories.
  • Holiday songs—the traditions/history of hymns.
  • TOS staff share holiday recipes.
  • Recipe: Potatoes Romanoff .
  • Recipe: Walnut Pie.
  • Recipe: Holiday Eggnog . . . and many more recipes from TOS!
  • 10 keys to homeschool success.
  • Ruth Beechick’s “Concrete Arithmetic” article.
  • More hometown heroes: law enforcement, paramedics.
  • Police dogs!
  • Explorer scouts .
  • Books to read list for boys and girls.
  • History of photography lesson.
  • Young artists—community helpers: firefighters!
  • How to make fresh apple cider.
  • Homesteading as a lifestyle.
  • Butchering pigs—yes, it’s an art!
  • Inspiring future homemakers.
  • Product reviews—too numerous to mention here!
  • Homeschool graduates—pictures and short stories.
  • Seasons of change—new writers for FOFTY.


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