Fall 2005 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! Our Fall 2005 issue is full of information to help your student get into the college of her choice, plus you’ll find great ideas on family crafts and favorite Christmas memories, featured in the “12 Days of Christmas”  section of this great magazine!




Our Lost Arts, Higher Education and Holiday Issue!

Once again, our Fall 2005 issue contains all the information you need to help your high school student succeed in applying and gaining acceptance to his chosen college. More and more colleges and universities are seeking out homeschoolers and welcoming them to their campuses. This issue also discusses the lost arts of making clothes, painting, and easy family crafts. We also invite you into our homes as twelve TOS staff members share their favorite Christmas memories.

  • High School and Beyond:
    • What higher education is and why we need it.
    • A list of homeschool-friendly U.S. colleges and universities.
    • An interview with Diana Waring, author of History Alive!
    • Susan Spann shares strategies for college interview success and “Homeschooling Comes of Age in College Admission.”
    • Read about current opposition to homeschooling in “Homeschooling and Educational Reform?”
    • Did you know that there is an honor society for homeschooled children?
    • More homeschoolers are pursuing athletic scholarships and getting them! Read more about it in this issue.
  • Homeschool Valedictoria—Can you guess who came to speak at a homeschool graduate’s graduation?
  • Huge HomeschoolExpo section—Why go to a conference? Who will be there?
  • Show and Tell, Too covers help for high school science and math when TOS interviews Capstone Academics.
  • Teaching Lost Arts—What did it really take to make clothes when you had to do everything yourself? Read about America’s great “primitive” folk art from around the world; fun projects for the whole family!
  • Special Feature: The “12 Days of Christmas” is back. Come celebrate with us!
  • Tophats and Parasols reviews several books you should find to read with your child this Christmas.
  • Media Spotlight: Journey to Narnia with TOS and read an exclusive interview with the stepson of C.S. Lewis!
  • Homeschool Nation: What would you do if a social worker knocked at your door?
  • Chapel—Do you blossom for your Creator only on sunny days? What about frosty ones?
  • Homeschooling 101—Don’t be bound by those old ideas of what “school” is supposed to look like!
  • Resource Room—How can horses help with special needs?
  • Take a Field Trip to Biltmore, one of America’s most magnificent and historical homes.
  • The Natural Schoolhouse—Learn how to make healthy and delicious granola. Includes some great ideas for giving it as gifts this holiday season; learn how to make homemade tinctures from herbs.



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