Fall 2004 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! Our fall issues always focus on homeschooling the high schooler, and we have some great information for you as you prepare for this incredible journey plus a lot more! Interviews with Doug Phillips, and more!




Our Homeschool Graduates Issue!

What a great issue we have for you with almost 200 pages of great information on LOTS of topics. Our fall issues always focus on homeschooling the high schooler, and we have some great information for you as you prepare for this most incredible journey. Of course, the fall season forces our attention to the holidays, so we have lots of good recipes for you, and we also share some of our favorite Christmas memories. You can even see a picture of the publisher and her sister, when they were children! Take a peek below at all of the wonderful articles in the fall 2004 issue!

  • Finishing the Race This large section of TOS covers many topics about homeschooling through the high school years. It looks at choosing the right college, discusses CLEP exams, examines the options regarding teaching high school literature, and interviewing with colleges; what colleges and universities say about homeschoolers; also includes “Transcripts, CLEPs, and Other Ways to Get Into College.”
  • Media Spotlight, Jr. Edition Meet Bob and Larry of VeggieTales (A TOS exclusive!).
  • Heartwarming Holidays A Jungle Thanksgiving and the “12 Days of Christmas,” TOS style!
  • “Perfect-Homeschooler Envy” Another great editorial by senior editor, Jenefer Igarashi.
  • “Never Alone” A widowed homeschool mama talks about her husband’s unique gravestone.
  • “The Homeschool Teacher: Just Who Do You Think You Are?” Do you have what it takes to homeschool? How do you know?
  • An Interview with Doug Phillips, president of Vision Forum.
  • “Does Your Child Have Learning Difficulties or Disabilities?” Read about a special company for special needs homeschoolers.
  • Creation Answers “An Interview with Ken Ham and Mark Looy at Answers in Genesis” looks at the Creation Museum which is under construction outside Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Chapel What a great variety of articles in this issue! Read about a homeschooling mom of four who ministers to other homeschoolers through her website and email devotional; homeschooled from pre-K through high school, in Part 2 of “Homeschooling Pioneer,” Rebekah (Pearl) Anast shares some thoughts on her life as a wife and homeschooling mom to three children; “Living and Learning in the Sovereign Hand of God” explains what God’s sovereignty is all about.
  • Homeschooling 101 What is “The Amazing Ingredient for Successful Second Language Learning”? Read this article to find out! In “Teaching (& Repairing) Handwriting,” Nan Jay Barchowsky explains why our children must produce legible handwriting .
  • Young Patriots Read about how “Homeschool Students Win Space Day Award.”


  • In The Library, Lee Roddy explains “How to Write a Good Story.”
  • Tophats and Parasols talks about Charles Dickens.
  • Kindergarten Korner Part 2 of the interview with the creator of Rocket Phonics.
  • The TOS Art Studio discusses Norman Rockwell.
  • Home Ec talks with Karey Swan about her book Hearth & Home, and Karey shares some favorite recipes; Marilyn Moll, “The Urban Homemaker,” talks about Thanksgiving in her home and shares eight recipes for this special holiday; read about Christmas in Australia.
  • In The Resource Room, TOS interviews Jan Bullock about TouchMath—a truly multi-sensory math!
  • Take a field trip to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.


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