Fall 2003 Back Issue


SOLD OUT! Our Higher Education and Holiday Issue!  It’s time again to help you homeschool your high school student! The changing of the seasons also has us looking forward to the holidays. Includes great articles by Dr. Beechick, Dr. Ray, and more!




Our Higher Education and Holiday Issue!

It’s time again to help you homeschool your high school student! The changing of the seasons also has us looking forward to the holidays, and we have some tips for helping you save money and some new recipes to try out. Read interviews with Cindy Rushton, Sally Clarkson, Ruth Beechick, and MORE! Study art, science, and history, too—come join us as we “fall” in love with learning all over again!

  • “Homeschool Valedictoria”—An exclusive interview with Rebecca St. James.
  • Finishing the Race—The “dreaded” high school years.
  • There is lots of great information in “Home Ec for the Holidays,” including recipes!
  • Jonni McCoy shares with us how to have a “Christmas with a Frugal Flair.”
  • Using good literature in your homeschool? Check out Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings in The Library.
  • Zan Tyler and Dr. Brian Ray share more of “The Good News in Homeschooling.”
  • Homeschooling 101—Dr. Ruth Beechick discusses how to “Build Strong Arithmetic Thinking.”
  • “Never Alone”—Eric and Leslie Ludy talk with Christine Field about real love; Grace Hull talks about “Homeschooling as a Widow or Widower.”
  • Get a sneak peek at the new Creation Museum being constructed near Cinncinatti, Ohio.
  • In Styles, Jessica Hulcy, co-creator of KONOS curriculum, has us “Thinking Outside of the Box” about unit studies.
  • In Chapel, join Cindy Rushton as she gets us “Back to School—Back to God’s Design;” Sally Clarkson talks about “Whole-Heart Ministries: Tailor-made Encouragement.”
  • Homeschooling 101—Meet “Jeffery Thomas: The Man Behind the Singapore Math Sensation.”
  • Homeschool Nation spotlights California.
  • In Young Patriots, you are introduced to “The True ‘Greatest Generation’.”
  • We are “Learning to Write Well from Dickens” in Top Hats and Parasols.
  • Study “Botany—Just a Leaf” in Units from Kym.
  • In HisStory, Diana Waring tells us about “William Carey, the Father of Modern Missions,” Maggie Hogan discusses “Missionary Geography,” and James Williams talks about “William Carey’s India.”
  • In the TOS Art Studio, Barry Stebbing introduces us to “Comparative Studies in Art History: “The Mocking of Christ”.”
  • Join Christine Field in the Special Needs “Resource Room” as she talks about “Strategies for Struggling Learners, Part I.”
  • Take a Field Trip to “Where the Buffalo Roam.”




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