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Purchase an ENTIRE year of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine!



Purchase an ENTIRE year of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine!

Don’t miss this spring issue! 

What a great issue for springtime! Parents are winding up the school year and looking forward to their summer breaks and vacations. But learning doesn’t have to end just because it’s summer . . . there’s a whole lot that can be learned by adopting an “unschooling” approach during those off months! Of course, the warmer months are the perfect time for studying bugs, and we have several mini unit studies that you can use with your family. Finally, you voted and the results are in—see which curriculum products were named to be the 25 Best Curriculum Choices . . . you just might see something that you could use with your family.

  • Unschooling: Misguided or Misunderstood?
  • Amanda Bennett shares her 10 reasons to homeschool in Homeschool Nation.
  • Who won a TOS Excellence in Education award? You voted and the results are in!
  • Let’s celebrate Dr. Ruth Beechick and her contributions to homeschooling.
  • Bugs, Bugs Everywhere! Unit studies you can use in your classroom.
  • Boy Scouts and 4-H: how they can enhance your home school .
  • Teaching music in the homeschool .
  • Enjoy our recommendations in our 2006 Field Trip Directory.
  • In her editorial, Jenefer Igarashi wonders what they really mean by socialization.
  • More on blogging and the “rules of the road” . . . meet the HSB Blogging Award winners!
  • Jeannie Fulbright shares information on hummingbirds in Real Science.
  • In Finishing the Race, you’ll learn how to make career planning easier for your high schooler with fun career exploration co-op ideas.
  • A homeschool graduate shares how homeschooling and college alternatives have blessed his life and prepared him for a successful future in Homeschool Valedictoria.
  • Learn how to organize your time in Home Ec.
  • The Natural Schoolhouse gives us lots of information on natural cures for bug bites, hidden benefits of raw honey, and more!
  • In Chapel, Teri Maxwell shares her concern for kids’ theology.


Welcome, summer! The perfect time to lounge under a shade tree with a glass of cold lemonade and this issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine!

Our Summer 2006 issue includes:

  • From Our Family To Yours Meet the publishers of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine in Dandridge, Tennessee.
  • Editorial Every homeschooling parent’s worst nightmare is thinking you’ve lost the battle for your child’s heart. What do you do when you think you’ve lost them?
  • Chapel How do you homeschool the child who’s a determined rebel?
  • Teachers’ Lounge Exchange ideas with and enjoy hearing from other homeschoolers.
  • Show and Tell Five completely different families, but all so passionate about home education!
  • Show and Tell, Too Meet Cindy Downes, homeschool mentor extraordinaire, and find out how homeschoolers everywhere can pool their purchasing power.
  • Media Spotlight Do you believe everything you hear in the news? The uneasy relationship between Christians and the media.
  • Kindergarten Korner The best of educational toys from Dr. Toy.
  • Storytime Two children’s authors share the fascination of trains.
  • Young Patriots Brett and Alex Harris are young homeschool grads intent on starting a “rebelution” against contemporary youth culture.
  • Finishing the Race Cindy Rushton shares her experience with the final years of homeschooling and what to expect from your homeschool graduates; plus help for you or your children to become homeschool entrepreneurs.
  • Homeschool Valedictoria Rebecca St. James and BarlowGirl sit down with TOS to talk about music, homeschooling, and more.
  • Homeschooling 101 These great ideas will help you make the most of summertime for relaxation, recreation, and education! Plus, a book review from Dr. Ruth Beechick.
  • Special Feature Get on board with trains for an express ride to educational family fun!
  • Styles Homeschoolers have success with special needs learners using the Charlotte Mason approach.
  • Homeschool Units Jennifer Steward brings you a unit study all about trains.
  • Little Artists How to draw “choo-choo trains”!
  • Resource Room Special focus on high school for special needs students and on dyslexia.
  • The Natural Schoolhouse How better nutrition can help with behavior or learning problems; help with the details of everyday meal planning; and Marmee’s home remedies for summertime bumps, boo-boos, and bug bites.
  • Contest Column See all the prizes we’re giving away this issue!
  • Lab More product reviews by real homeschoolers!
  • The Last Laugh Another Haptoon, plus cartoons by two homeschoolers.


The main themes of our Fall 2006 issue are high school & higher education,a holiday section including lost arts, and a timeline of medical history.

Contents include:

  • From Our Family To Yours Meet the publishers of The Old Schoolhouse®Magazine in Dandridge, Tennessee.
  • Editorial JenIg tells you how to make a monster—or not.
  • Chapel One thing you can’t live without will cost you all you have.
  • Teachers’ Lounge Exchange ideas with and enjoy hearing from other homeschoolers.
  • Show and Tell Join us for a visit with homeschooling families who have opened their homes to you!
  • HomeschoolBlogger Benefits of Internet blogging and what you need to know about copyright.
  • Show and Tell, Too Fine arts focus, the music and math connection, and more!
  • Media Spotlight More on unschooling, and homeschoolers using film production for Christian witness.
  • Young Patriots Three homeschool students participate in government and politics in three great ways.
  • Finishing the Race 33 electives Christine Field evaluated for you; testing information; benefits of portfolio preparation; a transcript checklist, homeschool-friendly college directory, and more!
  • Homeschool Valedictoria This homeschool grad shares her experience living and learning abroad for a year after high school.
  • Homeschooling 101 Dr. Ruth Beechick explains why two grammar “rules” are really grammar myths!
  • Special Feature Offering thanks at Thanksgiving and looking forward to Christ’s nativity with our special 12 days of Christmas!
  • Styles The passion behind Christian Cottage Unit Studies.
  • Homeschool Units Amanda Bennett brings you a unit study all about the history of medicine in the U.S.
  • Little Artists How to draw reindeer, plus lots of interesting facts about them!
  • Home Ec Martha Greene shares a step-by-step guide to a home- and heart-warming midwinter gathering, plus a simple but delightful sewing project from Rebekah Wilson.
  • Field Trip Tips for travel to the UK!
  • The Natural Schoolhouse Preserving the bounty of harvest through canning, plus some simple Christmas gifts from your homestead.
  • Contests for Readers See all the prizes we’re giving away in this issue!
  • Lab More product reviews by real homeschoolers!
  • The Last Laugh Another Haptoon, plus cartoons by a homeschooler.
  • Graduates TOS congratulates homeschool graduates!



Our Classical and Support Groups Issue!

Each winter, TOS Magazine focuses on classical education, and the Winter 2006/07 issue is no different. Read articles by Martin Cothran, Gene Edward Veith, Andrew Kern and Sally Clarkson. We also feature information on military homeschoolers and military geography (Maggie Hogan). After reading “The Demise of Faith, Morality, and Education in Public Schools,” you’ll be ready to defend your choice of homeschooling!

  • What does the latest research on homeschooling show? Is public school education really all it’s cracked up to be? Join us in Homeschool Nation for a roundtable discussion on these issues as well as a look back on homeschooling in the earlier days.
  • Time for a classical education update! How can one put a Christian twist on a classical education? Also discover the role of motherhood in whole-hearted homeschooling.
  • It’s time again to prepare to attend your state convention and we have a complete listing of what is available to you in 2007 in HomeschoolExpo. Also learn all you need to know about support groups, whether you want to start your own group or just join in the fun with an existing group in your area!
  • Jenefer Igarashi presents an amazing, but reluctant, testimony about a time of God’s grace in her life in this month’s Editorial.
  • In Chapel, learn how to make every day count!
  • Enjoy feature articles on homeschooling in New Zealand or England in Homeschool UK and International Homeschooling.
  • Time again for a wonderful unit study that you can incorporate into your homeschool—The Revolutionary War. A complete unit study can be found in Homeschool Units, and Young Patriots discusses how young American patriots helped almost 200 years ago.
  • The Natural Schoolhouse gives tips on natural housecleaning as well as hunting on the homestead.
  • Other articles highlight product reviews, homeschool days field trips, fine arts & music, and so much more!
  • This issue contains information on homeschooling a gifted student.

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