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Hope Island Review by Patti Pierce

Diana G. Hankla
Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc.
Mud Creek Rd
Morgantown, KY 42261

I am an avid reader who loves books, especially ones from a Christian perspective.  Hope Island by Diana G. Hankla from Heart to Heart Publishing captured my attention, broke my heart, made me gasp in disbelief and more before the book was over.  It is a mystery/murder/romance novel all in one. This book is a soft-cover paperback with a beautifully designed cover and one hundred and thirty-six pages.  

Hope Island tells the story of Delaine Masden, an intelligent, well-educated, and beautiful woman who had a solid foundation in God.  It primarily takes place in the small community of Plano, Kentucky. Despite her faith, Delaine manages to find herself involved with the wrong men. Scenes of domestic violence appear in the book, so I would recommend this more for adult reading.  The descriptive language and relationships among the characters in the book pull it together into a masterfully told story. I could not put the book down, I had to know how the book ended.

The book has its low points:  such as the domestic violence Delaine endures, the death of Delaine’s parents, the apparent death of Delaine’s Aunt Paloma, among others. However, the book hits high points, such as Delaine’s graduation from college and relationship with her aunt, friends, and co-workers.  Miss Lottie, John Hayes, Wilma Yandon, Jim Cannon, and others provide love and support for Delaine. The memories she holds in her heart of her parents help play a role in the story as well. They help her keep hope alive in her heart, along with silently providing encouragement for her to open her heart to love.

One of my favorite scenes comes at the end of the book when five different couples all marry at the same time.  I will not ruin the end of the book for you by saying who gets married, but I will say it is a fitting ending to a book titled Hope Island.  Truly the name Hope Island is a fitting title for this book.

I would recommend this book for those who enjoy a moving and meaningful story, those who need to find hope, and those struggling to overcome heartbreak and devastation.

-Product Review by Patti A. Pierce, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC April 2019