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Miss Humblebee’s Academy Review by Jennifer King

My youngest daughter is three year and she enjoys sitting with her older brothers and her sister as they work each day. She loves to color and sing and flip through books, reading to her baby doll. I love seeing her eagerness for learning and so I was really excited when I learned about Miss Humblebee’s Academy and was given the chance to try it out with her for six months.

This program is designed for ages 2-6 and is full of fun opportunities for our little ones to grow! There are hundreds of activities for our kids, both on and offline, ranging from reading and math, to music, art, and science. These lessons are guided each day, by super fun and adorable characters like Jia, Fiby and Raffi.

Whatever your interests, they are sure to have lots of great activities for you to choose from. Initially we used the lesson plans that are in place on their website each day. These include songs, matching games, printable pages, and opportunities for learning about letters and numbers. I discovered too (I can be a slow learner at times) that we could even choose the subject or theme to explore! Since my kids love animals and art and music we spent a lot of our time on those lessons. Each lesson is short, simple, and full of visuals.

This was also great for days when we were out and about at classes for the older kiddos. There were coloring pages and worksheets to print out so we could have fun learning about colors, numbers and letters, animals, and more. They even have a section for art where our children can begin to learn about some of those great artists in history. Even my older kids had to take a break to check these out. We have a folder full of printables for her. My older daughter even really liked the mazes and activities we found. We all had fun coloring and cutting and pasting the cycle of butterflies and frogs.

Love books? There is a great little library on here. My younger daughter could choose a book and have it read to her. We read about composts and the four seasons. She enjoyed all the books about animals and letters. I absolutely love to read to my kids but when I need to keep them busy for a time, this is a great way to do it.

There is great music here too from songs about butterflies, to letters and numbers. This is so much fun to turn on so they can dance and sing (learning lots of great stuff at the same time)! My older kids found the coloring pages were great to use for tracing too so they could draw the shapes and characters on the page themselves.

Another wonderful feature that we enjoyed was their DIY section. This gave us some wonderful recipes to try our hand at making bread and butter and having a tasty pumpkin patch treat. There is a great bit on gardening with kids and nature exploration. It’s great to get our kids outside and let them just learn and get dirty. We can learn how things grow, make our own ecosystem, and see how things really work. I know planting and harvesting our little garden is something my kids all love to do.

I am not a fan of screen time for my kids, especially my younger ones, but my little one really enjoyed having something that was her own learning place just like her brothers and her sister. I am able to check regularly to see what and how she is doing. It is so important for our children to learn that learning can be fun. Miss Humblee does a wonderful job at this very thing.

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2018