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“Kind Kids Care” A-Z Manuscript Penmanship with Verses in KJV - Digital Download Review by Deann Hadley

Joymarie Dunlap
LightHome Publications sold via CurrClick

Copywork is an excellent way to introduce young children to writing. By examining and copying properly constructed sentences, a child will learn the intricacies of writing. Many educators and parents recommend having a child do copywork daily for the first few years of their education. In my home, children do copywork as soon as they learn how to write all the letters of the alphabet. They begin with very short sentences of half a dozen words and progress to full paragraphs.

I love finding good sources of copywork, and LightHome Publications provides some nice ones. “Kind Kids Care” is intended for grades 1-3. The forty-two page download is available through CurrClick for $7.25. Thirty-two of those pages are black and white copywork. Each page is based on a letter of the alphabet and includes many words that start with that letter. There are two sentences to copy; the first is a statement about a type of good behavior a child demonstrates, and the second is a KJV Bible verse. For instance, the A page has the child copy “Anna will ask if she is allowed to have an apple.” And “Neither shalt thou steal. Deuteronomy 5:19.” Each page also includes a drawing for the child to color. There is a line at the top for the child to write their name and the date.

I was quite pleased with this book. The name and date lines provide my child with the opportunity to practice abbreviating the date each day, as well as practice writing her name. The font used in the book is a common manuscript font found in many early elementary curricula. Each day I would read the page with my child, helping her with any words she could not read yet. We would discuss what good behavior was shown in the example and how we could practice that behavior in our home. We read the bible verse and discussed it as well. Though we did not do this, I thought it would be neat to help my child mark the verse in her own bible.

My kindergartener, who is familiar with copywork, used this book. She especially enjoyed the addition of a picture to color on each page. After discussing the sentences each day, she would think of instances when she had shown the described behavior. It made her feel good to see that she has made good choices. The length of the sentence and verse was just right for her, but for a child who is new to copywork, they could use one page over two days.

After the A-Z pages, there is a page for the child to copy all the names used in the book. There are also four pages of blank lines in various sizes. They have an image on each page, but you could print multiple copies of whichever size of line is comfortable for your child to use for other copywork.

This is a well-designed copywork book that we enjoyed using. I appreciate the theme of this book, school work that sets an example of kind and loving Christian character is always welcome in my home. Between the sentences, blank lines, and images, the pages are full without feeling overwhelming. The length of the book is perfect for the ages intended, and I will have my daughter use it again in the next couple of years.

-Product review by Deann Hadley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017