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Between Heaven & Hollywood Review by Bonnie Rose Hudson

David A.R. White

I was a little bit nervous about reading Between Heaven & Hollywood. I’ve enjoyed David A.R. White as an actor for years. What if the book was disappointing? What if was nothing but fluff with no more depth than a cute Facebook meme? I knew by the time I’d finished the first chapter that I had nothing to be nervous about.

The book begins by telling the reader exactly what the book is and isn’t. It isn’t another self-help or how to book. It is an honest look at a long, complicated, difficult journey that Mr. White believes each of us is called to embark on. As he shares personal stories, he looks at where our dreams come from, how to identify them, and how to set goals that lead to the fulfillment of them. In case you think that sounds simple, don’t worry, it’s not. He also looks at the detours, obstacles, fear, disappointments, and failures that come with it. One of my favorite portions of the book is when he digs into the reality that even though the dream you are meant to pursue comes from God, don’t expect the fulfillment of that dream to look anything like you think it will. God’s plans are far more creative and incredible than ours ever could be, and they will ultimately bless you and many others in ways you couldn’t possibly anticipate.

As a believer in the Lord Jesus, I also was concerned the book would be full of platitudes and nice thoughts but fall short of sharing the life-changing Truth found in the Bible. Without being preachy, Mr. White wove the lessons God has taught him and related Scripture throughout his story. His love for God, and his struggle to be the man God created him to be, came through naturally and powerfully.

Fans of Mr. White’s will enjoy the behind-the-scenes glimpses in Between Heaven and Hollywood of what life as David A.R. White looks like and be encouraged that becoming the you God created you to be is not only worth the effort but leads to a more incredible life than you have ever imagined.

Check out Between Heaven & Hollywood: Chasing Your God-Given Dream today!

-Product review by Bonnie Rose Hudson, Executive Editor of, for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2016