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Readeez Volume Three Review by Tony Silva

PO Box 78323
Atlanta, GA 30309

Readeez introduces its third volume ($15.00) of high energy videos designed to help early readers read with ease. Readeez Volume Three is called, "Knowledge is Good." Using this method, gaining knowledge can also be fun.

Readeez uses a technology called "SyllableSync" which presents the words to the story's narration and catchy tunes in sync with the audio. There are more than 30 Readeez on this DVD, each about a minute in length. More individual Readeez are available on their website,, including volumes one and two of the series.

The music and singing on this project are far better than one would expect from a children's music collection. Just as important, the quality of the synchronization is excellent, even on the faster tunes. The variety of styles and instrumentation helps keep youngsters interested and engaged. After a while you may find yourself singing along - the tunes are quite addicting.

The pedagogy of Readeez seems to borrow from the approaches of Schoolhouse Rock or some of the popular programs on PBS. There is no unifying theme in this volume other than the celebration of knowledge. There are ditties about telling time, playing catch, the alphabet and colors. Most early reading programs limit vocabulary and word length; not so with Readeez. Even though the words tend to be relatively short, there are longer words and word length are varied--just as it is in "real life." This can be a strength if you're using Readeez in conjunction with a good phonics-based reading program. One ditty out of the character of this collection is "The Longest Word," which details the origin and meaning of antidisestablishmentarianism.

If you get this volume, Mom and Dad will love the "extras" that are written in grown-up language. They're fun to watch. To get an idea of what a Readeez looks like, view one of the many they display on their website.

Product Review by Tony Silva, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2011