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Can Do Kids DVD: Exercise and Memorize the Math Facts Review by Krystin Corneilson

Can Do Kids
PO Box 1925
Oakdale, CA 95361

Perhaps no other two subjects can cause as much anxiety for a homeschool teacher than Math and Phys Ed. Both are necessary, and both can stir up feelings of inadequacy and fear of "getting it right." Enter the Can Do Kids DVD. Unbelievably, this curriculum tackles both topics in a kid-friendly way. 

The DVD has four 20 to 25-minute sections: Addition Adventure, Subtraction Safari, Multiplication March, and Division Detective. The segments teach the math facts for 0s through 12s and are progressively difficult, so the easiest one is Addition Adventure and the toughest one is Division Detective. The seven Can Do Kids lead their young viewers through marches, moves, and rhyming songs as they work their way through the numbers. 

The CD-Rom part of the disc offers Teacher and Student Guides for each of the four parts. The guides include lots of information, such as words to the songs and dances; exercise instructions; hints and tips; supplementary ideas; student progress record; charts, quizzes, tests, and answer keys; and activity pages. These resources are easy to read and understand and really bulk up the program. The Can Do Kids website also offers facts and figures about homeschooling, physical education, and learning styles, as well as bios on the neat kids on the video. 

The reasonably priced Can Do Kids DVD ($19.95) is aimed at kids from age four through the third grade. Of course, younger and older siblings would benefit from it as well. This supplemental curriculum can be used at home, in a formal school setting, or at a homeschool co-op. 

Pros: The Can Do Kids DVD incorporates so many things that I try to do in our homeschool: it multi-tasks (math and P.E.), it offers reinforcement in the printable lesson plans and activities, and it uses music to teach. It is offered in a convenient, compact package with an information-packed website as a supplement. 

Cons: I'll admit that the DVD looks a bit cheesy at first glance. My 8-year old son stood in front the television with crossed arms and a look of scorn on his face. However, when I (intentionally) left the room, he got right into it. 

I am so excited at the opportunity for my youngest to have all of his multiplication and division tables learned before he even needs to use them! When he's got the wiggles, he can pop in the DVD, get physical, and regain his focus for his other schoolwork (with the secret bonus that he's learning and developing more eye-hand coordination). 

Product review by Krystin Corneilson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2011