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The King's Daughter Review by Kim Kargbo

CBH Ministries
Box 1001
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

The King's Daughter is an illustrated soft-cover children's book adapted from a radio script from the Children's Bible Hour entitled, "The King's Son." This tale is a "story within a story." Some children are performing a play called "The King's Daughter," and the main story is the play itself. The play is about a princess who gets tired of her pampered life and runs away to the village. On her way there, her clothes are torn and she gets dirty, so the children in the village don't believe she is the princess. Finally, some of the children invite her home with them. She spends the day with a poor family in the village working very hard and eating very little. She gets little sleep after sharing a bed with several other children. When she is woken up before dawn to begin chores, she has had enough and gratefully goes home to the King.

The book is a delightful allegory of how we, as God's children, often don't recognize the blessings that we have and spend some time in the world. Eventually, the life of the world is no longer glamorous and we return to the King wiser and more grateful than we have been in the past. Parents could use this book with children who are resisting the boundaries that are placed on them for their good.

The book also comes with a read-along CD that is narrated by Uncle Charlie from the Children's Bible Hour. This book is part of the "Seasons of Faith" series put out by CBH Ministries. Whether a child comprehends the full message of the allegory or not, it is still a cute story with beautiful illustrations.

Product review by Kim Kargbo, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2010