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No Drum Set Required: Your First Drum Lessons E-Book Review by Karen Yuen

Glenn Reid DeFever

Reid DeFever, the author of the No Drum Set Required e-book, has 25 years of experience as a professional drummer and percussionist, composer, and instructor. He discovered drumming at an early age and used it as his springboard into a music career. In this e-book he shares his great enthusiasm and knowledge for this creative instrument. DeFever also designs, builds, and sells his custom-made drums. Visit for a live performance schedule and more information about DeFever and his drums.

The idea for this book stemmed from the author's experience teaching beginning drum lessons to many students who did not yet own a drum set. In fact, DeFever himself initially owned a pair of drumsticks for over a year before he purchased his first drum set.

This e-book focuses on the many exercises students can learn before owning a drum set. In fact, you can learn to tap out rhythm with your hands and not even own drumsticks! This book covers a student's first drum lessons the way DeFever teaches his own private students. It contains online audio links so that students can hear rhythms and beats as they learn. Topics include learning how to use your right and left hands together and independently, playing drums on a makeshift drum set, learning to hold drumsticks, and beginning rhythm. DeFever also provides advice to students who are ready to purchase a drum set so that they'll know what to look for.

This book is best suited to older elementary students, unless your children already have some musical background. Some of the drumming rhythms are quite complex for younger learners. If you do have a budding drummer, you'll enjoy these creative ideas for getting your musician off to a great start!

Product review by Karen Yuen, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2010