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Rockin' Baby Sling Review by Lisa Kjeldgaard

Rockin' Baby Shop
5048 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Let's face it, most homeschooling moms don't necessarily have a reputation for being trendy. The blessings of frequent pregnancy, childbirth recovery, curriculum hunting, lesson planning, teaching, laundry, housekeeping, child training, meal planning, cooking, shopping, serving our husbands, nurturing our relationship with the Lord and the myriad of other tasks we're charged with don't leave us with a lot of time for personal care. The word trendy hasn't been used to describe anything about me in the fifteen years since I began my mothering career, so when I had a chance to try out a baby sling from a company whose niche is making, "cool and stylish" slings with, "hip fabrics," I actually chuckled out loud.

The sling arrived and my, "always starving for contact with the outside world," 12-year-old daughter opened the package quickly. She promptly announced that it looked like something her favorite aunt would wear. "Hmmm-this company may be onto something," was my first thought. My sister-in-law is the cutest, trendiest, most stylish person who talks to me.

My three-month-old and I tried out the sling right away and I quickly declared that she wasn't a sling baby. She cried and fussed and I decided trying to get her calm in the sling, with her seven older siblings watching and offering suggestions, wasn't my idea of a fun evening activity. I instead threw the sling in the pile of things ready for our upcoming get-a-way; a trip to a tropical island for my husband, baby, and me was just days away.

The verdict after a week in paradise with the sling, the sweetest of babes, and a fabulous husband-I love them all! This sling is really a great product. The fabric is incredibly sturdy while still being soft for the baby and me. The workmanship is impeccable and I'm a huge fan of the two large pockets they ingeniously added to the end of the sling. The pockets are perfect for a burp cloth, a cell phone, and even a small wallet. The sling came with directions for folding the tail in a certain way before inserting it into the rings, which made adjustments a breeze and I really liked how many different ways I could use it to hold my daughter.

What's the best part? The words stylish and trendy were actually used by real people to describe something on ME! Yes, it's true. We weren't even on our plane before someone commented on what fashionable fabric the sling was made from. Throughout the entire week, person after person commented on how chic, hip and stylish the sling was; it actually got to be pretty funny, and good for my self-image!

Now, I already had a pretty strong relationship with another baby carrier; one that's ergonomically perfect for both my baby and me. But there have been many times since this sling entered my life that I've been very happy to have both. Debates abound as to the best type of baby carrier, but if you've decided you're in the market for a sling, you really must check out the offerings at Rockin- Baby Sling. The $102 price tag is on the high end, but I've given this one a good workout and it still looks brand new after numerous washings. The company has added a baby pouch to their product line that has piqued my interest; I might just have to order one of those the next time I need a self-esteem boost!

Product review by: Lisa Kjeldgaard, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2008.