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Many of us worry about our ability to teach certain subjects to our children. For many, it is science or foreign languages. For some, it is math. has the help you need in Finally Conquer Fractions and How to Teach Elementary Math. If your struggle is with fractions, you can join Laura Baggett for her twenty-three part series designed to equip you with the tools, confidence, and motivation you need to effectively teach math to your children. Laura provides a visual, step-by-step breakdown of what fractions are, how they work, and why they behave the way they do. Tips are also included for explaining fractions to your children. If you’re looking for a great way to teach math to your elementary students, then be sure to listen as Peter Price teaches you How to Teach Elementary Math. He has a passion for seeing children turned on to math and loves helping teachers, including homeschool moms and dads, find better ways to teach mathematics. The course includes videos and worksheets and discusses topics like subtracting, adding, fractions, dividing, symmetry, critical thinking, times tables, and more.


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