Maybe You Should Give Up - When Things Just Aren't Working Out


Maybe You Should Give Up

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Picture this scenario: You’re getting ready for an important engagement. You’ve run through the mental checklist. Kids fed? Check. Teeth brushed? Check. Shoes on? Check. Everyone’s cooperating and things are running smoothly for a change. You begin to exhale the proverbial breath you didn’t realize you had been holding. Aaah. You grab your bag, dig for your keys and… start to panic.

Where. Are. The. Keys?!

In an instant, the mood has changed. Everyone is now on high alert, in search of the wayward keys. The kids are sleuthing throughout the house in Sherlock Holmes-worthy fashion, simultaneously fielding anxiety-laden questions from you, “Are you sure you didn’t take them out and play with them?” Ten minutes later and still keyless, you flop on the couch in disappointed resignation. With a defeated sigh, you resolve to make a call informing whoever that you aren’t making it wherever, after all. You reach into your bag for the phone and pull out… your keys. What in the world?!

Been there? Yep. This and similar scenarios are quite common. How do we miss what is right in front of us? Why does it seem to happen when it is least convenient? “Why,” indeed.

We are creatures of feelings, but we aren’t always aware of the full gamut of our feelings. Stress can be a sort of emotional white noise, persistently humming in the background of our lives. That background noise can dictate our reactions and interactions, even when we believe our emotions are otherwise under control. These underlying emotions can cause our brains to go into a sort of frenzy mode, where details are missed, logic gets fuzzy, and can overwhelm or cloud even the best judgment.



When our minds are busy fending off stress, it can inhibit situational awareness and our ability to make sound decisions. Judgment, anxiety, anger, fear… these emotions can get in the way of learning, achievement, awareness and focus. It is important to recognize which emotions are ultimately driving us, so we can actively work to mitigate those fueled by negativity. Get rid of the stress by getting rid of the negative emotions. Get rid of the negative emotions by getting rid of self-defeating thoughts. Just give them up.

Give up on the unbending timeline and the impossible expectations. Give up on the underlying fears and the draining worries. Give up on the self-criticism and doubt. Focus on now, without the constant worry about tomorrow. Today is a day you will never have again, so choose wisely what fills it, and give up the rest. You won’t regret it. After all, it’s just noise.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

 Matthew 6:34 KJV


Crystal Bourne is the proud wife of a military Veteran and the mother of five. Her homeschooling philosophy closely resembles relaxed homeschooling/ unschooling, though she doesn’t always feel relaxed. She believes all people are Bourne Learners, gifted with individual skills and talents that will shine when given the opportunity to explore the world and pursue their passions.

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