National Craft Month – Making a Birthday Greeting Card

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When we are talking about birthday presents and greeting cards, I always tell my child that handmade items will have high value as gifts. Handmade gifts are intrinsically special; the touch of our hands makes it valuable.

I taught my kid how to make various items that are worthy gifts, using paper, cloth, yarn, wood, and metal to make them. In this post, I will share how to make an easy but pretty birthday or greeting card. The materials are easily available at home.



A small amount fabrics



Patterned paper

Marker (choose a color you like)

Ribbon or knitting yarn

Double-sided foam tape




How to make a special birthday or greeting card:

1. You will need the pattern. Right click it, select “Save Image As…” and select a save location to download. Then print it on A4 paper.

2. Cut the cardboard size 15×30 cm, then fold it in the middle, as shown in the picture.



3. Cut the fabric into two oval patterns, thencut the patterned paper likewise.



4. Glue the fabric like in the picture; the big part is placed in the middle.



5. Draw around the edge of the fabric using the marker. Make two lines to give it a more dramatic look.



Don’t hesitate in making lines; it will show the art of handmade gifts!

6. Attach the patterned paper using double-sided foam tape as shown in the photo.



7. Attach and tie ribbon or knitting yarn as in the photo.



8. Write whichever greeting on the card you like. If you want to make a Thank You card instead, you can write, “Thank You,” rather than, “Happy Birthday.”



Your greeting cards are now ready to be sent to a friend who celebrates a birthday or deserves a thank you. This way we can also teach children to recycle instead ofjust trashing, and that means a lot to our earth.


My name is Maria Magdalena, I live in a coastal remote area of Indonesia with my teenage son and a lovely husband. We like to travel. I write my homeschooling tips and journal at my blog Living Ideas (, and sometimes I make printables to share with my blog’s readers. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to share about homeschooling with The Old Schoolhouse® readers.



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