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Let’s Celebrate Clean Up Your Room Day

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Happy Clean Up Your Room Day! It’s a day that causes all parents to cheer and the kids usually will cringe. But did you know studies show those with clutter tend to have higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in their bodies? 

So if you’re facing something overwhelming in your life, you might want to consider what role clutter plays. But the bigger question right now is: How can I help my kids celebrate Clean Up Your Room Day? I’m glad you asked!


Make It a Family Affair

Dreaded tasks are always easier to accomplish if you’re not alone. Consider helping each child make a dent in their room clean-up. Put on some fun music and work on it together. Go ahead and take a break from academics for the day, and let the goal be togetherness and a clean room.

I know that when my five year old is asked to clean up an area, it’s very difficult for her to find the motivation. But if her older brother or I will give ten minutes to work alongside her, the space will actually be cleaned.


Set a Goal

What’s the goal? Horizontal surfaces decluttered? Two bags of donations?  Getting rid of half the t-shirts? Working for one hour? Decide on the goal so that your children know if they hit it! 

Make it visual, especially if you have young kids, and create a fun Candyland-style poster to hang on the wall and mark progress. Looking to declutter 20 items? Then create a fun poster with 20 shapes to fill in as they go.



Teach the Life Skill of Decluttering

Decluttering truly is a life skill, and we need to take the time to teach it!  Some kids are naturally neater, and will keep their pared down possessions orderly. Other kids need the guidance.

If you want a resource to help you teach this life skill, then grab my free Declutter Cheatsheet for Teens.


Celebrate a Job Well Done

Clean Up Your Room Day is a lot more fun if you decide on a reward to look forward to upon completion. What will it be—dinner out, a family movie night, board game night, or possibly selling the decluttered items and saving the profit for a field trip or vacation?

Enjoy this fun holiday; it’s one all parents can enthusiastically endorse. And if it caught you by surprise, don’t forget to mark your calendar–because it comes every year!


Abby Banks – As a former classroom teacher, now homeschool mom of five, Abby loves to equip & encourage other homeschool families. Parents are uniquely gifted to teach their kids! Join her at 4onemore.com to learn how to homeschool with moxie –> it’s about embracing your journey & finding your groove. Homeschool with Moxie Podcast (iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/homeschool-with-moxie-podcast/id1437431785)

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