Learning the Value of a Place

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Not all places have the same value. Students will learn this in our brand new Whole Number Place Value Workshop. Sally Winchester has provided parents with eleven lessons that are designed to help them teach their students place value through examples and practice problems. This is a review unit of third and fourth grade place value of whole numbers to 100,000,000. Students will learn to correctly read and write whole numbers and then learn to break a number into expanded form to show the value of each digit. They will be able to compare and order whole numbers to the hundred millions place. They will also learn to round whole numbers to any place. One of the places on that has great value, for the whole family, is our Members-Only Discounts page. The value here has recently increased. With your membership to, you have an opportunity to save 40% on a lifetime membership to CHSH’s Download Club, a library of over 50,000 pages of downloadable, educational material. You also have free access to the Homeschool Benefits Association (HBA). You simply have to sign up for it. Some of the deals include curriculum sales and free shipping for purchases over $35 at Today’s Christian Living store; pharmacy discounts at leading pharmacies across the country; health insurance; up to 80% savings on medical laboratory tests—with an extra 10% HBA dis­count at over 1,500 CLIA-certified accredited labs throughout the United States; discounts on Identity Theft Protection, Legal Services, and Roadside Assistance; magazine subscription discounts to leading Christian magazines; and more.



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