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One of the reasons I homeschool is to teach truth, introducing my children to Jesus Christ. I fulfill the Great Commission by raising children who love Jesus with all their hearts. I want to be sure that I educate my children from a Christian worldview.

Biblical Foundation

A Christian worldview is based on the Word of God as it applies to all of life. The Bible is our foundation.

We teach the Bible, reading, studying, and memorizing it, so that the Word is living in our hearts.

We obey the Word of God.

We resolve conflict according to Jesus’ plan in Matthew 18.

We train our children to honor and respect our authority, so that it will go well with them, according to Ephesians 6:1-4.

God’s Word is our measuring stick, the standard of truth.

Creation Mandate

The Lord commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. Subduing the earth can be anything from taming wild animals or building a bridge across a river, to curing cancer or irrigating a desert. We rule the earth as faithful stewards, requiring knowledge and wisdom.

I explain the Creation Mandate to my children, so they can see every task as noble, when it is done for the glory of God, and how education fits in.

Surrender to Jesus

Homeschooling from a Christian worldview means that Jesus chooses the daily plan, the curriculum, and the course of study. We pray and seek His will before making decisions. We surrender each day to Him in prayer and ask for help whenever we need it.

Choosing Curriculum

We choose curriculum that is Christ-centered, talks about Jesus, teaches six-day Creation, and includes biblical and church history in its pages.

There is so much great curriculum, written from a Christian worldview, that I have never had to use secular materials, except for classic literature. When we get into high school and read secular authors with a non-Christian worldview, I make it clear that we are reading a secular author and we discuss his or her worldview when we discuss the book.

Many secular companies target homeschooling, because it is a huge market. We have to be careful when we use secular materials, because these materials are not telling the truth. For example, it is NOT true that the world evolved from the big bang; it is true that God created the world. Some secular companies throw in Christian lingo, but the things they are teaching are not true.

I’m not saying to use only Christian materials and books in your home. Test your educational materials. Read them first, if you are unsure.

If we go to Disney World and they hear about evolution, we discuss it. Toward the middle years, we discuss evolution and creation, and different religions, and Jesus’ claim to be the only way to God. Children have questions at that age and are forming their own opinions. I encourage them to think through the controversial issues of our world today.

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God bless you as you teach your blessings!


Meredith Curtis


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