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I was talking with one of the younger mommas not long ago in our church; she is raising her first little boy who is just darling. And although he is only one she is already contemplating home education for her little guy. I love being a part of conversations like this; an opportunity to share with another the joy and beauty that can come from living this life of learning!

It’s funny how we don’t really think of what we do when they are just newborn babes, as education, even though it really is. We are all educating our children from the day they are born. Its important that we have that perspective.  What a blessing it is when we see how those little things, day to day activities and routines, are so integral in our children’s early learning.

We need to know why we are doing this. We need to have a balance between expectations too; I expect my children to work each day. Some days its copy work and reading and math, other days it may be practicing their guitar or keyboard, or baking muffins. The other day learning involved watching a bunch of videos on pointillism and then the kids developing their own piece of artwork.

It isn’t just play. This is real learning. We just have to remember that, much like our walk with God, what we expect isn’t always what we get. Are we willing to be flexible and step outside of our comfort zone to allow our kids some level of freedom and ownership, in what they learn and how?

I love talking with other mommas who are home educators or are considering it for their family because truly, there is so much more that we can all gain from living a lifestyle of learning. There is so much more our kids can gain, a richer and more meaningful experience, when we are willing to simply hold on and follow them.

I truly strive to encourage every momma out there, to take a break, step back and just watch your children for a time. See what it is they gravitate to.  What is it that piques their curiosity most? Let them follow it as long as possible. Ask questions, encourage them to look for the answers. Let them lead and momma, take a rest while you simply follow.

There are things our children absolutely must know. There is great value in having a strong foundation in reading, writing and mathematics. But we can build upon this. And we can encourage our kids to explore their interests as they build this foundation. There is learning to be found everywhere so hold on and enjoy the ride!

Jennifer King My name is Jennifer and I am so glad you’ve come by. I am a child of the King, a work in progress seeking to share and show His love and light in all that I do. I am a homeschool mother of four  wonderful, sweet and very busy children.  It’s busy in our home – its loud – kind of messy – and very crazy. But we live and love all we can! I am a wife – learning so very much — as I grow an pray with my wonderful husband. Learning the joys of submission, and being the help meet I was designed to be. Striving to live a life as a meek and gentle spirit. And seeking only to share the hope within me, with everyone who seeks an answer. All that I do, could not be, without my Lord and Savior. Peace Be with You all – In Jesus Name!

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