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Hey Mama Monday: What Is Your Trial Today?

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Hey Mama,

Was just thinking about you. What a trial you have been going through lately! All-consuming at times, very unjust, yet you know the Lord has allowed it for a purpose. God’s word says the Christian will encounter many trials before He returns. In these He grows and strengthens our character, works all things out for our good, and is glorified through our perseverance.

I just have a question for you, Mama. And it’s an important one. At the end of this trial, you want to be found faithful; you get that. You know it already. And that is your goal. You pray, you cry out to Him, you try and live a life holy before the Lord. You read His word, you surround yourself with godly counselors, you try and keep your eyes off the problem and on the Lord. So that is all good. It’s not perfect, but it’s intentional effort, and it is good.

But here’s the question, what will you say at the end of this thing? When the Lord (again, for the millionth time in your life) works it all out and it is done, and you have seen His hand in ways that seem miraculous. When it is finished . . . what will you say?

Mama, don’t let it be that you must chide yourself for unbelief, for the doubts allowed to creep in that He said He will work all things out for good. Don’t let it be that you are sheepish, with an expression of “Oh, well, I didn’t think He would do it . . . but yeah, just like always, He came through.” Don’t let it be that you are ashamed of having had complete disbelief that He cared about you or this trial at all and that you were on your own.

Let it be a victorious cry from the heart: THANK YOU, Lord. I knew you would come through! I knew you had ALL of this under control. I knew Your hand was on my head! I knew You were not asleep! And now You have redeemed these issues. You, the Master Weaver, have unspun this web the enemy wove. I knew I was under your care. I knew You were and are a JUST GOD. I knew it, Lord!

And then the worship begins again. Awestruck, Mama, before Him, you recognize it’s all about His timing. Things are not so dim anymore. You see that this life is just a test. It is temporary. It is the one before the REAL adventure begins—Eternity.

And you are passing these tests. These trials are working out exactly what God had planned for us. You, Mama, are bringing Him glory with your life.

And your children are watching. They see the pain and how you have been responding. They see what you are enduring. They see your grace. They see your integrity. God sees it, too. And you will be blessed.

“The righteous who walks in his integrity—blessed are his children after him!” Proverbs 20: 7, 11, ESV.

Even a child makes himself known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and upright.

His hand is still on your head today.


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