Hey Mama Monday: What Will Life Be Like in 5 Years?

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Hey Mama,

In five years, life will be very different. You may have another child. Or a grandchild. People you know may have passed away. You might live in a different house . . . in a different state. You might have a completely different job. You might have no job at all. Life is uncertain, but one thing that is certain is that the Lord knows exactly what will happen in your life five years from today. And His hand will be on your head then, just as it is today.

And the trials and stresses you are facing today will likely be a memory, perhaps even something you chuckle over. Either way, you will have grown from it. You will be wiser and more easily able to share with others what you went through this year, how you dealt with it, the way your great God and Savior held your hand all the way through, and that life goes on. Nothing is too difficult for your God.

And picture these children before you now, five years from today. They will be bigger. Stronger. More easily able to logic and reason. What will life be like?

Faithful Mama, just as God has met every need and taken care of every issue you currently have, He will continue then as well. The best day of your LIFE may happen within these next five years. You have much to look forward to, Christian Mama. He will never leave or forsake you. He gave you these sweet children (some not so sweet right now) for a divine PURPOSE. Do not forget that. There is reason . . . there is hope.

Pray. Wait. Read His word. Obey and apply. Pray more. Wait on Him. You are in His will, and He sees your soft heart for your family and for doing what’s right. Walk confidently in that. Walk joyfully, realizing that you serve a God who loves your children, who has good plans, who with intentional purpose has written your story. His heart is good and can be trusted. Never forget. He has always, always taken care of you. He will not go away from you now.

As for today, our wonderful and consistent God is awake, aware, deeply connected to your situation and has His hand on your head, even now.


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