Hey Mama Monday: These Trials Will Make You Strong

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Hey Mama


Hey Mama,

Tears are not always a bad thing. I know you’ve had your fair share lately. Did you know the Lord your God notices? He uses these times to bring you closer to Him.

“My tears have been my food day and night, while they say to me all day long, ‘Where is your God?’” – Psalm 42:3

“I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched; my eyes fail while I wait for my God” – Psalm 69:3

I know it’s hard. You live for Christ, yet around every corner there is adversity. “Where is your God,” they say. “Has He left you? Why do you live for a God who allows pain in the world?”

“Why doesn’t He act NOW! My problem is NOW. My prayers have been numerous, but I see nothing! Lord, Lord, where are You?”

Yet Mama, do not doubt. Endure! Walk in full confidence in your identity in Christ. Make that ever your default. You don’t live for you. You live for Him. He is your identity, your life!

Are we on His timeline or our own? Does He not know what He is doing? Do you really think He can’t hear? You yourself have marveled at His brilliance, His sheer genius, His kind compassion. You have seen His heart. Is this any different? Can He not handle this problem, too? Mama, you have to learn to trust His heart. Be all in.

“I am weary with my sighing; every night I make my bed swim, I dissolve my couch with my tears.” – Psalm 6:6

God sees it all, Mama. It is not pointless, this trial. It has a very real purpose. You will one day see that. We do not see what is around the corner. He does. Wait for that corner. Your character will become strong. This trial produces endurance. You are gaining the mind of Christ.

“You have taken account of my wanderings; put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?” – Psalm 56:8

Mama, do you not know He holds every teardrop? He holds your heart, too. He is watching, taking account. You are not far from Him; He is near to you. If you belong to Him, all of these things are yours! Be sure you are His. Read His word, obey His commands. Take hold of His gift of salvation.

Joy comes in the morning. Rest for your soul. No more tears. No more worry. In Christ Jesus, your Savior, you have everlasting peace. No one can take it from you. Wait on the Lord. He will make you stronger. He is the Author of endurance.

“And He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.” – Revelation 21:4

Mama, joy is coming. Rejoice in the Lord over your salvation. He hears you! He takes notice of your cries. He sees your tears. Endure. Walk with Him. Keep praying. Trust His heart, that great heart of compassion. He is the Author of compassion, and His plans for you are good. His hand is on your head today. Love, – Gena

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