When You Can't See God, Your Faith is There to Take Over


Hey Mama Monday: When You Can’t See God, Your Faith is There to Take Over

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Hey Mama


Hey Mama,

“God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too wise to be unkind. When you can’t trace His hand, that’s when you must learn to trust His heart.” —Charles H. Spurgeon

See that, Mama? That’s where faith and belief come in. So, you can’t really “see” Him lately, you say. It’s OK; He is right beside you, and His heart is trustworthy; you know this. Keep walking with Him. He will never leave your side. And is this not the truth? All day LONG you have done what you do best for your family: sacrifice selflessly. Are you perfect? Definitely not. Did everything get done 100%? Probably not. Is L-O-V-E your middle name? Absolutely. And your kids know it. Keep going, Mama. You are gonna make it, and so are those monkey kids of yours. Trust His heart.

May your children rise up and call you blessed. His hand is on your head today. Love, -Gena


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