Hey Mama Monday: No One Will Remember The Occasional Mess

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Hey Mama


Hey, Mama, I heard it through the grapevine that….well…that your house is a mess. A hurricane is more like it. Sure, your kids are clean and they eat really well (I’ve heard about your cooking), and right, so you spend a lot of time with them reading aloud and talking eye to eye, heart to heart. And well, fine, you have their respect because you spend tons of time teaching and training them. Who cares if your kids help the neighbors all the time? I mean, that’s nice I guess. And OK, I know, you have a bunch of kids all different ages, each one pursuing very specific interests. I get it. You’re busy. Super busy. But sister, your house is just….

Well, truth be told, your house is an AMAZING and loving HOME. The real deal. Chaotic and full. No airs, no pretenses. So very real. And people are watching you, wishing their home was more like yours, betcha didn’t know it. Wishing they cooked like that. Wishing they had their kids’ hearts like that. Wishing their family had spent years faithfully serving their neighbors and other people who had needs, training their kids up to have servants’ hearts like your kids clearly do. Wishing their own house was full of sweet sounds of love, laughter, and chatter. Wishing for another chance…to go back and start again. Wishing for just one more opportunity. A crazy hurricane house like yours. Oh, how lovely indeed. A beautiful mess.

I doubt your kids will remember the dirty dishes in the sink that had to wait until tomorrow. I don’t think your children care one lick that last week the living room had jelly in the carpet. Or that two months ago, the cat peed. It got cleaned up when it got cleaned up. The Mama made sure things were sanitary. The Mama kept it all healthy and good. Maybe not in someone else’s timing… that’s OK. Not here to please everyone.

The laughing fits, the silly light times, the learning… that’s what they’ll remember. Decades from now. The memories go deep. Keep walking, faithful Mama.

You are not doing this in vain. You’re simply parenting the way your Parent has taught you, through His word. Hands and hearts. Moving forward, even during the trials. Faithful Mama. His hand is on your head today. <3

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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).

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