Hey Mama Monday: God Has Prepared for You a Future


Hey Mama Monday: God Has Prepared for You a Future

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Hey Mama


Hey Mama,

Do you want to know what the Lord sees that we do not (yet)? He sees the big picture. He sees the reason behind what feels like sheer madness. He sees the reward which comes after the injustices. He sees the growth amidst the pain—and He sees the light around the next corner. Things can change on a dime . . . and often do. You’ve seen it. You know.

So keep walking, Mama. Model Christ to everyone God has sovereignly placed in your path. This is not a stage or a “theatrical” setting, even though it feels like it; this is just a testing time. It’s short. It’s a blink, as a friend reminded me today. Just over the horizon is the forever place and forever life. God sees it all from beginning to end. He will right every wrong. He will uncover darkness and expose all things for what they are. And Mama, your end is GOOD. His hand is on your head today. Love, -Gena


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