Hey Mama Monday: Do You Trust Him With Your Heart?


Hey Mama Monday: Do You Trust Him With Your Heart?

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Hey Mama,

Your baby is born and placed into your arms. It’s at that moment your entire world changes. Feelings you never knew existed flood to the surface, and you are forever in love. You would give your own life for this baby if asked.

Fast forward a decade or two: life has grown very busy. Looking back to those early years, you wonder what you did with all the free time you once had. You are a wiser Mama, but your heart is still just as tender. And it can be stomped on to the point of excruciating pain if done by someone as close as your own child. New feelings you never knew existed flood in, and your mind swims with numbness. Life seems to stop. The world is an ugly, gray place. Confusion, pain, sadness, even bitterness can creep in if allowed. The injustice of it all is too much. Lord, oh Lord, why?

Fast forward another decade or two: life may or may not be as busy. Wiser yet, your Mama heart is still ever-tender but maybe a little guarded. Perhaps it’s the scar tissue from so much you have endured over the years providing some buffering point, or maybe it’s just that the Lord has taught and revealed a lot to you over the years, and you have a peace, knowing with all certainty Who is on the throne. The wisdom He has given you brings hope and a vision for the future. You know that He works all things out for good. You know He is working out His plan even still. You know Who wins in the end. Cautious hope, careful with your words, always looking to the One fulfilling that plan. The One who purposefully, and with loving intention, continues to weave the tapestry of your life and the lives of those you love so much, minute after minute, day after day.

Eyes cast upward, pondering upon the Lord who loves you so much, a smile forms. A knowing smile. He is in control. If He says joy comes in the morning, then joy will come in the morning. No doubts. You can wait. The road is becoming easier as you grow closer and closer to Him.

Fast forward some more. Look back over your life. You are old. Yeah, really old. The tapestry is beautiful and full to bursting. You can see threads that still hang loose, but those are His business, too, and on this side of eternity, you may not see how these fare. Leaning not on your own understanding, you smile, because you know the Author of understanding. Worry not, you have learned. Cast your cares on Him, you tell others. Joy comes in the morning; my God says so.

Faithful Mama, live your life. Accept the pain with the joy. Praise and worship Him whether in pain or in rapture. Love the Lord with all your heart. Teach your children His ways. Recognize that you will be pierced directly through your Mama-heart . . . maybe more than a handful of times. But you must know this is even more: The God of your life . . . the King of the universe . . . the One who calmed the seas and called YOU by name is the One who has everything under control. So rest. No more snatching that which you have already placed securely in His hands. Do you trust Him?

Do you trust Him with your heart? Do you trust He has a plan for your children, even “that” child? Can you bring yourself to act on that trust?

Do it. Abandon the feelings which flood to the surface, the ones that tell you it’s actually you in control and you must fix this. No. You cannot fix anything. Let the Lord do it. He is the Weaver of the tapestries; let Him finish. Believe Him.


Daughter of the King, you are not alone. He loves you so much. Take that hope and wear it because it is yours. Eyes up, Mama. Eyes up today. His hand is still on your head.


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  1. Britny says :Reply

    This spoke to my heart so much you are very talented in writing for our God glory to him God may bless you for your love to him

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