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See that little boy of yours? That wee little man? That tank on two legs? Yes, the one who is SO loud . . . the funny guy who is always cracking everyone up . . . the kid with the rumpled, flyaway hair and food on his face. Yeah, that one—the boy with all the personality in the world! If he could have been born giggling, talking, running, and asking never-ending questions, he would have.

Later, he’ll get bigger and go through a transformation. Sometimes, it will make you smile. Other times you will feel panic; he is growing up too fast. Does he still need me? Will he move past me? No longer the Mama”? How could that be?

It won’t be easy, but he (and you) will face those high school and college years soon enough. What seems like a distant eternity will be knocking at your door all too soon. And when it does and you wonder what to do about college, ACT/SAT prep, and CLEP, you’ll turn to your friends at The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine for advice.

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And remember, Mama. . .

The transformation period in some families seems to go on forever. Other families get it over and done with—from child to man. It’s a struggle for everyone, and it’s just not an easy passing. In your family, it may seem like an eternity. Other families will barely notice it.

That twilight period can drive you nearly crazy if you’re not grounded in a few truths:

  1. God’s Word says to train up a child in the way he should go. Do it. Trust the Lord that He means what He says. Apply Biblical wisdom from the start so that “when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
  2. You are “the Mama.” Even during those times, you could just swear he hates you forever. It won’t last. It just won’t. Stand firm. Don’t waver. Be human, remain warm and ever approachable, but stay consistent.
  3. Remember the baby years. God gave that little man to YOU. There’s a reason for it. Whoever said this motherhood thing would be a cakewalk? That person is crazy—and doesn’t have kids. Reflect back on the years that son of yours would cling to you. Lean on the Lord as He is transferring that clinging from you . . . to Himself.

Pray. Cry out to the Lord on behalf of your children. Pray some more. Encourage other Mamas. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Focus on the other children you have; do not despair over the one going through his ridiculously-too-long-transformation period. Set him squarely in God’s palm and remain available, but turn your attention to the ones who remain in your care. Do you have the faith it takes to let God handle your family? Do you believe He will carry you through this time? Do you trust that He has made His perfect plan for your children?

Read His word. It’s the muscle that must be exercised. And it will build your faith like you never knew possible.

Your kids will see you turning to the Lord on behalf of them and all of their siblings during the good times and the bad. Some will be barbed-wire stinkers; some will be soothing salve. Love them all as Christ calls you to love them. Know He has a plan. And then go pray some more. Praise Him for His purpose and plans in your life.

Guess what? His hand is still on your head. Eyes up.

~ gena


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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).