Hey Mama Monday: Are You Part of the Mama Club?

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Hey Mama,

That little stinker this morning is driving you batty. They can be so devious at times. And they are loud. They don’t care about all the sacrifices you have made (and make daily for them) because they have nothing to compare it to. No life experience. No wisdom to speak of. So they carry on with their ridiculous childish attitudes and you wait, patiently, for the Lord to do His work in them. You continue to pray that God will do that work, and you know He is faithful, so you keep on. You love them with all your heart, but honestly, there are times you daydream about leaving them behind at the next gas station stop (not really . . . but).

You’re so normal. You are part of The Mama Club, and it’s a harried and fast-paced life. You fiercely defend them; you’d never turn back now. The commitment is there, but the feelings don’t always follow. That’s OK. Don’t put your stock in feelings. Go with what you know is real. Feelings wane. They ebb and flow. They are useful tools, but they are not our guide.

Keep in mind, too . . . That little stinker (whether he/she is 4 or 14) will grow up someday. Fast forward 15 years. Oh, what a difference! Chances are, they will all be coming over today for Sunday dinner 15 years from now, grand-babies in tow. And you all will be laughing and reminiscing over the antics THEY themselves put you through “back in 2014” when you were tempted to just keep on driving when you all stopped for gas.

Joy comes in the morning. The faithful Christian will have trials. But the child of God who walks in obedience to Christ has great blessings waiting for them. And God has a way of showing us that, doesn’t He? Count your blessings. Look at His hand in your life even amidst the painful episodes. Does He not always come through?

Mama, Child of God, Daughter of the King, His hand is on your head. Always. Think about your future; He has big plans for you. And they are GOOD.


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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).