Hey Mama Monday: 5 Things About You, Mama

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Hey Mama,

Just a few choice words for you this morning. It’s descriptive. It’s you.

1. You love your husband. You’re not perfect; neither is he. But before the Lord you made a commitment, and the Lord will bless you for your obedience. You have chosen to love. And there are SO many blessings along the way.

2. You love your children. They are far from perfect, but you realize that they are growing in grace and love every day. They look to you continuously as an example, and while that’s not always a “good thing,” it’s real. And that is a very good thing. No pretenses, no airs.

3. You are dedicated to your family. There are days you would like to run hollarin’ for the hills and disappear behind a mountain. A tall mountain. Even if only for a minute. But nothing is keeping you apart from the family God has given you; you are one faithful Mama. Your heart always turns back to the ones in your care.

4. You can cook (some things). You can clean (to a degree). Your home is safe. Your kids eat just fine. Your home is a fortress for your children, and your friends speak highly of you because you are AVAILABLE. That is your middle name. Most importantly, while the cooking and cleaning are on your radar, they’re not central. You “get” what’s important. The Lord is central in your home, and your husband and children are much higher priorities than any spotless abode. THEY are your abode.

5. You facilitate laughter and enjoyment. You can laugh harder than the rest of them. Life throws its stresses your way, and sometimes you melt down (hello, you are human), but other times you laugh in the face of trials and slice right through them with confidence. You are strong because Jesus is the Lord of your life; you are made strong in your weakness because you lean on Him. It’s a lesson you learned long ago; you know Who your High Tower is. And your children are watching that, too. One day they will fall back on it. You are sowing precious seeds, and you are leaning on the Lord of your life to water and harvest what He has called you to sow.

Messy, beautiful Mama = Messy, beautiful LIFE.
Chaotic, insane, wacky, loud, torn-up, built-up, hurricane FAMILY. Your family. And you’ll defend that fiercely until the end of days. It’s yours, because He has given them to you, and never will you take that gift for granted.

His hand is still on your head today.


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