Guest Post ~ Let Their Dreams Soar!

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Let Their Dreams Soar!

By Evonne Mandella


Are you a traditional learner? Are your children? If you said no to either of these questions, keep reading! This article is for you and to all the kindred spirits out there yearning for understanding and a good dose of encouragement!

First, let me share a little bit of history. As a child there were certain things I would constantly hear teachers tell my parents. First, I would hear about how Evonne has high IQ and a whole lot of potential. Over the years, the talks shifted. My parents would begin to hear new things such as, “Evonne is a dreamer. Evonne struggles with disorganization.” My grades went down, down, down and so did my “self esteem.”

Talks of potential decreased as I fit less into the traditional model of learning. Teachers would dump my desk in a humiliating way, to get this “dreamer” to straighten up. A sting stills comes in my heart, remembering the embarrassment of not being able to fit into the ideals arbitrarily setup for me, without a look at who I truly was, and what I was capable of doing.

It was not until I became aware of something called “Attention Deficit Disorder,” better known as ADD, that a new hope was born inside of me. I read about the symptoms of easy distraction, messiness, and high focus on subjects of interest and knew that was me! I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t “bad.”

I searched out and read stories about people just like me who became successful, often not in spite of ADD, but because of it!I realize now God made me this way and He always had a plan for me! Although I still struggle with organization, I don’t see ADD as a deficit at all!

My tendency to dream has made a brainstorming dynamo for all things creative! I love to try new things . . . things that might scare away my traditional counterparts. People with ADD like to move from project to project. That works in my favor! I try new technologies and use them to create exciting homeschooling lessons for my children and homeschooling families.

People with ADD are often chatty types. This has come in handy as well! While my traditional counterparts might be hesitant in the area of public speaking, I thrive in that environment.

As I have shared my “ADD secrets,” do you know what I discovered? Other leaders in the homeschooling community also “enjoy ADD!” We aren’t alone anymore!

Dear Homeschooling Mom, can you relate to these characteristics? Do you see these tendencies in your children? Don’t dump their desks. Celebrate them! They are future creative visionaries who will inspire the world! Provide support and encouragement for your children in areas where they need extra help and then watch their dreams soar!


Evonne Bio Two-1Evonne Mandella is a homeschooling mom with a passion for creativity.

She’s the creator of the Bestselling “Read Hebrew Today” program and the “Family Feast Bible” published by Wholesome Learning.

As a graphic designer and videographer for Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, she’s able to show forth her artistic side. Her professional, inspirational videos can be found on Christian television. She’s the creator of “MEGA Multimedia: The Course!” Whole families enjoy her down-to-earth introduction to exciting technologies! She enjoys leading students step-by-step into building websites, creating simple apps and much more. Her enthusiasm will encourage the junior entrepreneur in your family!

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6