Getting a Good Start on Your Homeschool Journey

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homeschool journey


Making the decision to homeschool is such a blessing! However, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Taking a few steps can help you get a good start.


1. Begin Early

If you feel called to homeschool when your kids are young, I suggest starting when they’re little. Most small children learn everything they need to learn from play, but giving them suggested activities helps. Plus, this can help you to get an idea of how they learn and where their strengths are.

Also, if your state laws require logging hours starting at a certain age, it is wise to practice logging before they reach that age. Then you have a chance to try out different forms and tools to see what works best for you and your family. You can also exercise different types of school days to reach all the hours you need.


2. Start Small

When you first start homeschooling, it can be tempting to buy all the top curriculum! It’s exciting to get your hands on brand new school books and materials. However, it can be crushing when you spent hundreds of dollars on school supplies to find out they won’t work well for your family. Instead, look for cheaper options and used curriculum to start out with. I have found plenty of curriculum from dollar stores, used book sales and yard sales!

In addition to using cheaper materials, it’s a good idea to start out with an hour or two a day, then work up to more hours. Schedules can look good on paper, but unless they work for you and your family, they’ll just become a frustrating disappointment.


3. Plan Ahead

The most important thing to do before you start homeschooling is to figure out your state requirements. You definitely don’t want to be blindsided when it comes to the law! You can find most state laws on the HSLDA website. Also, reach out to other homeschoolers in your state for advice on how they meet their requirements.

The second most important thing to do before starting homeschooling for the year is to figure out your goals. Ask yourself what goals you want to meet for the year for your children, yourself and as a family. Also, ask yourself why you want to homeschool. Write these down and keep them all year as encouragement to keep up the good work.


Jenna Holder is a SAHM of four littles, two of which are homeschooled. She’s a devoted wife and christian. She spends her time, reading, writing and being an active member of her church. Follow along with her chaotic life at  for encouragement on experiencing the peace of God.


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