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When preparing a fall homeschool lesson, don’t worry about the ages of your children. Even moms can be giddy at the sight of glitter gourds and pumpkin spice candles. Fall brings out the kid in all of us! Whether you are homeschooling preschoolers or teenagers, everyone is bound to enjoy apple cider, doughnuts, and all that fall brings. First, take a look in your backyard and see what you have to work with. One of the joys of homeschooling is you don’t have to pick up your school district’s school supply list each year and spend piles of money on random items. Instead, you have the option to use what you have. Look outside. Are the leaves beginning to change color? Are the acorns beginning to fall? Go outside, gather, and then create a homeschool lesson for the whole family. If you have a variety of leaves, then have younger children make leaf rubbings. Do you have older elementary students? Encourage them to identify which trees the leaves came from. What about middle schoolers? Have them do both of the previous tasks but have them create a three to five paragraph story about a fictitious leaf found on the top of a leaf pile. Do you have a high schooler? Take it a step further and have him do a research paper on one type of tree represented among the leaves you have been working with.

Incorporating your own lessons, in addition to your prepared curriculum, is what homeschool memories are made of. Let fall be a time filled with memories, laughter, and fun in your homeschool.

Looking for rainy day fall activities? Revisit your fall-themed Pinterest board filled with tasty recipes waiting to be created!  From roasted pumpkin seeds to corn husk dolls, you can make fall-themed crafts, recipes, and the like with whatever is in season. Once the kitchen is cleaned up, find some orange, brown, tan, and yellow fabric and teach your child how to quilt—the perfect afternoon handicraft to keep little hands busy! Planning a hike in the woods? Don’t forget your nature journal and colored pencils! Planning on attending a harvest festival? Encourage your child to journal about their experience.

As you begin preparing for your Thanksgiving feast, think about the cornucopia of ideas that you can turn into a fall homeschool lesson. In addition to fall crafts and Thanksgiving recipes, think outside of the box. Consider volunteering at a local homeless shelter or nursing home. Create cards for veterans and hand them out to retired veterans. Life lessons are just as valuable as the traditional lesson taught at a desk with pen and paper in hand. Fall is the perfect time to focus on what counts, what is important, and where your values lie. Expound on the little things and enjoy the memories made with your children this fall!


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