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easter unit study


The week between Palm Sunday and Easter, or any time near Easter, is a perfect time for a unit study.

You can create your own unit study using the last week of Jesus’ life as a template, or you can use the one I have created for you.

Each day, you will read Scripture and study things related to what you read. Each day, there will be a specific focus for the whole day.


Monday: Day One

Focus: Jesus’ triumphal entry


Matthew 21:1-11

John 12:12-19

Prophecy Fulfilled

Psalm 8:2/Matthew 21:15-16
Zechariah 9:9a/Matthew 21:8-10
Zechariah 9:9b/John 12:12-13
Zechariah 9:9f/Matthew 21:6-9

Make little booklets showing how Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus’ life.

Act It Out

Enjoy a family parade around the house or neighborhood, or dress up and act out the triumphal entry as a family. We loved using towels as head coverings!


Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. Learn all about donkeys.


Look at a Bible map of Israel. Trace the route from Bethany to Jerusalem.


Tuesday: Day Two

Focus: Jesus’ cleansing the temple


Matthew 21:12-17

Prophecy Fulfilled

Psalm 69:9/Matthew 21:12-17

You can make a little card showing how the Old Testament prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus’ life.

Illustrate the Lesson

Pull out the refrigerator, stove, washing machine, and dryer. Clean behind. Why is there so much dirt and muck back there? How is this cleaning project similar to what Jesus had to do?


People came from all over to celebrate Passover. Of course, they brought different currency with them. The money changers exchanged money from other places into the currency people could use in Jerusalem. They charged a fee to do this.

There were also people selling Passover lambs that people could buy and sacrifice.

Learn all about the temple that Herod built.


Jesus got angry. His anger was righteous because he was angry that the people were desecrating His Father’s temple.

Talk about when you get angry. How do you handle your anger?

Do you get angry about things that dishonor God or things that affect you? What’s the difference?

Family Fun

To illustrate the Holy Week with tangible items, you will need an empty egg carton (one-dozen size). Number each space 1-12. Inside each spot will go a Bible verse and an object to represent part of the precious Easter story.

In each numbered space, place these things:

1: Two Dimes: Matthew 26:14-15

2: Communion Cup: Matthew 26:39

3: Twine with Knots or Small Piece of Rope: Matthew 27:1-2

4: Soap: Matthew 27:24

5: Twigs or Grapevine: Matthew 27:28-30

6: Nails: Acts 2:23

7: Dice: Matthew 27:35

8: Piece of sponge: Matthew 27:46-48

9: Piece of White Material: Matthew 27:58-60

10: Spices: John 19:40

11: A Stone: Matthew 27:65-66

12: Empty: Matthew 28:6


Wednesday: Day Three

Today, we’ll focus on Jesus celebrating the Passover, or the Last Supper


Matthew 21:1-11

John 12:12-19


Learn all about the Passover Feast and how to see Jesus in the Passover celebration.

Story of Passover by Jews for Jesus 

Animated version of the Exodus and the Passover:

Enjoy a Seder Meal

Enjoy a Seder meal together as a family.

Kitchen Fun

Search online to find recipes that you can make for your family Passover Feast:

  • Potato Pancakes
  • Matzo Ball Soup
  • Chocolate Macaroon Cake
  • Gefilte Fish
  • Charroset
  • Passover Chocolate-Toffee Matzo
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Roasted Chicken


Thursday: Day Four

Focus:  Jesus in the Garden praying, Betrayal, and Arrest


Matthew 26:36-56

Mark 14:26-52

Prophecy Fulfilled

Messiah Betrayed
Psalm 41:9/Mark 14:17-18
Zechariah 11:12-13a/Matthew 26:14-15

Messiah Abandoned
Psalm 22:11/Mark 14:50
Psalm 69:20b/Mark 14:33-41

Make little booklets showing how Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus’ life.


Learn more about the Garden of Gethsemane by watching “Dave Visits the Actual Garden of Gethsemane”: 


The Garden of Gethsemane was an olive grove. Learn all about olives.


Write a story about Jesus in the Garden from the perspective of one of the disciples.


Friday: Day Five

Today we’ll focus on Jesus’ Trial, Torture, & Death on the Cross


Matthew 26:57-27:50

Mark 14:53-15:37

Luke 22:54-23:46

John 18:12-19:30

Prophecy Fulfilled

The Messiah Rejected
Isaiah 6:9-10a/John 12:37-40
Isaiah 49:4a/Luke 19:41-42
Isaiah 53:3b/Matthew 27:21-23
Isaiah 49:4b/John 5:43
Psalm 69:8a/John 1:11
Zechariah 11:12-13b/Matthew 26:14-15

Messiah Judged
Psalm 109:2/John 18:29-30
Isaiah 53:8b/John 18:13-22
Isaiah 53:7b/Matthew 27:12-14
Isaiah 53:9b/Mark 15:3

Place of Crucifixion
Genesis 22:14/Luke 23:33
Isaiah 53:12c/Luke 23:32

Events during Crucifixion
Psalm 22:16c/Matthew 27:38
Psalm 109:4/Luke 23:34
Psalm 69:20-21a/Matthew 27:34
Psalm 22:18a/John 19:23-24
Psalm 22:18b/John 19:23-24

Mocked by People
Psalm 22:17b/Luke 23:35
Psalm 22:7/Matthew 27:39
Psalm 109:25/Mark 15:29-30
Psalm 22:8/Matthew 27:41-43

On the Cross
Psalm 22:14b/Matthew 27:35
Psalm 22:1a/Matthew 27:46
Psalm 22:1b/Mark 15:34
Psalm 22:15a/John 19:28

Messiah’s Death
Zechariah 13:7b/Matthew 27:35
Psalm 22:17a/John 19:32-33
Zechariah 12:10a/John 19:34-37
Psalm 22:14a/John 19:34

You can make a poster showing how Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus’ life.

Bring It home

Have your devotion time at 3 p.m., the time that the Bible says Jesus died.

Everybody writes down their sins on pieces of paper. Papers are nailed to a wooden cross.

Kitchen Fun

To celebrate Good Friday, make and eat hot cross buns. The cross atop the bun symbolizes the cross of Jesus.


Easter Saturday

Focus: Jesus’ burial


Matthew 27:45, 51-66

Mark 15:33, 38-47

Luke 23:44-56

John 19:25-42

Prophecy Fulfilled

Buried in a Rich Man’s Grave

Isaiah 53:9/Matthew 27:57-60

Isaiah 53:9/Mark 15:42-46

Isaiah 53:9/Luke 23:50-53

Isaiah 53:9/John 19:38-42

Seven Last Words

Here are the Seven “Last Words” or Phrases of Jesus

  1. “Father, forgive them” (Luke 23:34)
  2. “This day you will be with Me in Paradise” (Luke 23:43)
  3. “Woman, behold your son” (John 19:26-27)
  4. “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (Mark 15:34)
  5. “I thirst” (John 19:28)
  6. “It is finished” (John 19:30)
  7. “Father, into Your hands I commit My Spirit” (Luke 23: 46)

What if you were about to die? What are the last 7 things you would want to say? Each person writes down their last seven phrases and share them with one another. What would you want to communicate and take care of before you die?


Easter Sunday

Focus: Jesus’ Resurrection


Matthew 28:1-15

Mark 16:1-8

Luke 24:1-12

John 20:1-18

Prophecy Fulfilled

Resurrection of the Messiah
Psalm 16:8-10b/Acts 13:35-37
Psalm 16:8-10a/Matthew 28:6
Isaiah 53:10c/Mark 16:16

Victory Over Death
Isaiah 25:8/Hebrews 2:14
Isaiah 25:8/John 19:30

Driving it Home

Have everybody go outside and find something that represents new life. You might find a flower or a budding twig. A small rock might represent the rock that was rolled away. This is fun when everyone shares what they chose and why.

Family Fun

Have a family feast with all kinds of yummy food.

Act out the Resurrection of Jesus. Have the children dress up in bathrobes and towels.


There you have it: your own Easter Unit Study. Enjoy taking a detour from the usual routine and digging into the death and resurrection of Jesus!

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling,


Meredith Curtis


Meredith Curtis, homeschooling mom, writer, speaker, and publisher, loves to encourage families in their homeschooling adventure. She is the author of Jesus, Fill My Heart & Home Bible Study, Travel God’s World Geography, Travel God’s World Cookbook, and HIS Story of the 20th Century. You can check out her books, curricula, unit studies, and Bible studies at Read her blogs at and and listen to her at Finish Well Radio.


easter unit study

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