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Give your students science from a creation worldview and the tools to provide a defense of their beliefs. Exploring God’s World through Fifth Grade Science is a one-semester course designed to teach fifth grade students about the incredible creativity and diversity evident throughout creation. Through weekly lessons, reading assignments, comprehension questions, and periodic activities, students learn about animal adaptations, water and land habitats, ecosystem interdependence, the water cycle, vertebrates and invertebrates, the food chain, and more.


Creation Apologetics is a special series of videos from Creation Ministries International that draws on biology, chemistry, nuclear physics, astronomy, genetics, geology, history, and more to provide a defensible understanding of a belief in Biblical Creation. Most of these videos are designed for older middle school students and high school students. Some advanced material is also included. Some of the titles include Creation Not Confusion: Pinpointing the Problem and Using the Tools of Truth; Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things? The Biblical Response to Death and Suffering; The High Tech Cell—The Complexity of the Genome Defies Evolution; Radioactive Dating & A Young Earth—How Nuclear Physics Supports the Bible’s Timeframe; The Distant Starlight Dilemma? Light Years Are Not a Problem for a Recent Creation; How Darwin Got It Wrong—Seven Major Points; The Mystery of Declining Genes—Startling Data from Recent Creation in our DNA; and Six Days . . . Really? Refuting Compromise from the Scriptures.


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