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Recently, my husband asked me to find a new Bible study for my younger son and him to do together. They had been doing a chronological overview of the Bible using the graphic novel style Action Bible. When they finished that, they discussed the Gospel message. Then, my husband felt that an apologetics type program would be a great next step for our 12-year-old son.

Since I exposed my son to some basic apologetics through our geology study last year, I was excited about finding additional resources. But, with so many great companies and websites, I struggled to figure out where to begin my search. I knew it needed to be fun and simple to implement. No workbooks or complicated teacher guides for them. I didn’t want to purchase a curriculum, either. I had been using my subscription for some of the academics, so it occurred to me to see what they had to offer. After poking around on the website, I struck gold!


Creation Apologetics course

I found the course, Creation Apologetics, by clicking on the tab “Browse by Subject,” then clicking on “Bible.” I scrolled down to “Browse all Bible by Grade” and clicked on “Middle School.” I found two Apologetics courses, one with downloadable text and the other video based. Both my husband and my son enjoy videos more than books, so I chose to take a closer look at the video based course, Creation Apologetics. Wow! I discovered that Creation Ministries, International—one of the ministries I investigated—offered the course! With 19 videos covering topics from DNA and cells to stars and rocks, the course covers all the bases. The fact that it covers space as well as biology impressed me because this summer is the Summer of Space. We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. What a great time to learn more about how space supports a Biblical worldview!


Interest-Based High School Science

While poking around looking for apologetics resources, I thought I’d take a look at high school science. Even though I had planned high school twice before and even though my younger daughter’s courses were planned, I thought, “Why not?”

I wish I had looked at the offerings sooner! Well, at least I can still switch things up for next year. In addition to the typical Chemistry, Biology, and Physics courses, also offers some interest-based high school science courses.



Animal Science

Developed by a veterinarian, this 27-week course covers zoology as well as animal husbandry. It includes the scientific animal classification system and discusses the habitats and behavior of many types of animals, not just farm animals. Lessons include some video links, keeping a notebook, and doing research. My daughter really likes animals, so maybe….



This 16-week course, taught by a trained herbalist, goes beyond the usual botany topics and covers introductory plant genetics, plant defense mechanisms, soil composition, and more. Lessons include experiments, research, and some hands-on activities. Plants aren’t really my daughter’s thing, but she does like to eat!


Friendly Anatomy

This course is also taught by a veterinarian. Over 13 weeks, students learn anatomy through the study of the bovine skeletal system. It includes video and worksheets. With this course, I could avoid the usual pig dissection lab and my daughter could hopefully learn the same material.



This course is really two one-semester courses of 17 weeks each. The first semester covers an in-depth study of rocks and minerals and the second semester covers the geology of national parks. All lessons include a weekly slide show and worksheets and are presented from a young-earth perspective. We used some of this material when we did our geology study last year.


Science on

In addition to high school science courses, also has several science courses for students in PreK through 8th grade, too. Since I found so many interesting high school courses taught by experts, I will need to spend some more time sorting through the courses for middle school. Now, will my son like Discovering Disgusting Creatures or Tinker’s Club?


Julie Polanco is a 16+ years veteran homeschooling mom of four challenging, artsy kids. She is the author of two books for moms–God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn and 100 Ways to Motivate Kids–and the high school botany instructor for She teaches live middle school science workshops for her local homeschool co-op and is actively involved in her church’s women’s ministry. You can find her at where she offers natural learning & living solutions for challenging kids and their families.

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  1. Jodi says :Reply

    There are so many great courses on There is literally something for everyone!

  2. We’ve loved taking the Spanish classes (elementary and high school) and several of their science classes together as a family! My kiddos each have their own lists of classes they’re working through, too. SchoolhouseTeachers was my very favorite homeschool purchase last year!

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