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celery month


Why did the gardener quit?

Because his CELERY wasn’t high enough!


National Celery Month…

Did you even know there was an entire month dedicated to Celery?

Me either!

But in honor of this honorable mention, I have three unique ways to celebrate this momentous month.


Craft Time! It is almost spring. I can practically feel the sun, hear the birdsong, smell the flowers. Why not paint some beautiful roses with celery stalks?

– Simply gather some canvas or sturdy construction paper. Cut the long stalks off about three-quarter inches from the base, make sure they’re even, and bundle them tightly together with rubber bands. Dip the sliced ends in pink, yellow, or red paint, or any color you love to look at, and stamp flat onto the paper or canvas. Then paint a thick, green stem or two and you have a quick and easy bouquet of Spring Flowers! You could also create this craft onto a white dish cloth or towel and give as a gift to Grandma!



It wouldn’t be celery month without a celery-based food…

My kids are not huge fans of Ants on a Log (celery, peanut butter and raisins) but when I make Fish in the River, I can’t keep them on the table for more than a few minutes before they gobble them up. Try this treat when your little ones are craving a crunchy, savory snack!



12-16 celery sticks, washed

8 oz cream cheese, softened

Ranch Dip packet (any brand)

Goldfish crackers – my kids prefer Baby Cheddar for this snack


Mix cream cheese with packet of ranch. Add teaspoon of milk if too thick for your taste.

Spread heaps of ranch into celery stalk, top with little Goldfish.

YUM! Time to Go Fishin’!


Did you know celery can regrow itself in a bowl of water? Try it with your kids!

Simply cut off the bottom two inches of the stalk and place into a shallow bowl, shouldn’t be much bigger than the stalk, filled with water. It takes a few days for results and you may not ever get an entire stalk, but it is worth experimenting since you’ll probably just throw the base away when you’re done with the veggie!

National Celery Month isn’t necessarily the “coolest” thing to celebrate, but add in a little creativity, tastiness, and mystery and you’ll have memories to share for a lifetime!


My name is Kari (pronounced Carrie). I am a mommy first and foremost to three crazy little girls and one sweet little boy AND I home educate them ( most of them )… I am a stay at home Mama which means I NEVER ever stop working. Then there is my sweet husband, the LEO, Law Enforcement Officer. I love food and all things SOUTHERN! Born and raised in the South I feel a bit lost up here in the northern Midwest, (Iowa) but we are making it work!

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