Can Choosing Curriculum Be As Fun As Picking Gumballs?

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I think so! How about we look at things from a couple of different perspectives. Allow yourself to relax. If you have already committed to homeschooling, then trust yourself and go forward with your decision. Maybe this article can help you have more fun with the adventure you’ve chosen. If you are still contemplating your little one’s education source, let’s consider all the good that comes with anything you put your heart into. What other person could love your child more than you? Who else knows them better than you, and sees the acorn within their heart, that can grow into an amazing far reaching life?

If all that’s holding you back from taking the reins in your child’s education are your concerns that you aren’t qualified or your not quite sure how; I heartily encourage you to consider all that you have to offer. Right now, where you are! Yes, you will probably figure out things down the road that will work better for you and your family, that’s part of the journey. In fact, it’s a good part of the journey. It’s rewarding to realize how far we have come.

Consider also, that homeschooling is an emersion education. Depending on your lifestyle, your kids may be getting in extra math practice as they watch you run the family business or grocery shop. Learning how to schedule the days tasks by participating in the daily routines. Learning to teach by reading to a younger sibling. Not to mention the freedom they will have to build their projects, try to put together a magazine or comic book, research the horse ranch that may be in the future.  What would it take to become a Firefighter? The interests and options are amazing!

The great thing about this is not only will they be learning all these things and discovering their true passions, but they will also learn to love learning! They will become lifelong learners and naturally gravitate towards their best learning style. It’s kind of like letting a child determine which hand to write with. The child chooses what works for them. We guide them in that choice and continue to offer suggestions.

I listen to a lot of input when I select curriculum, with a couple of exceptions. I have found that if I follow their passions within a subject family, they often finish more than one book on science, history, literature, etc. that year, and they are excited! Often, there are extra trips to the library because some of those books didn’t expand on a particular topic enough, that’s bonus learning.  That’s happy learning, and they are more likely to remember what they discovered!

As a child, we didn’t worry that someone would think less of us if we picked a certain flavor gumball or that it would be the only one we could ever try. We understood that we could select something different next time, and it was exciting to see so many options!

If we allow ourselves to relax and believe that we will do well because we are trying our best, then it is more likely that some of the major tasks will seem less daunting, maybe even fun!

Girl Gumballs

Sonya Payne is a blessed, happy, homeschooling momma of four! Her school theme has always been, “that they learn to love learning!” Sonya is excited to be a part of The Schoolhouse Writers team and is currently pursuing publishing and licensing. She is passionate about art and writing which has been passed onto her children. When not writing and creating art she loves ranching and exploring nature with her family in their mountain home.

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