The Best and Most Affordable Homeschool Online Courses


The Best and Most Affordable Homeschool Online Courses

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The best and most affordable homeschool online courses. This female homeschool student is enjoying her online course.


Parents who choose to homeschool their children believe in the importance of quality education, but they may not have much money to spend on it. Many couples give up a second income so that one parent can stay home full-time and teach the kids. Such families are always in search of affordable homeschool online.


Why Parents Seek Affordable Options

Home educators don’t want all their money tied up in courses that just offer bookwork. They also want funds to be available for extracurricular activities, such as sports, music programs, and local classes. Large families have the added challenge of needing to spread the homeschooling budget across a lot of kids. Thankfully, there are groups out there working to help homeschooling families find their way and answer that big question, “How can we afford this?”


Affordable Homeschooling Online Options

The following chart displays six of the best and most affordable homeschool online curriculums:


Curriculum Company






400+ courses; one price for entire family; includes extracurricular like PE and music lessons

The Ogburn Online School



Public school at home conforming Florida state standards; various tuition options; pay per student




Limited course options; pay per child

Pearson Online Learning



Pay per child and pay per subject




Public school at home through charter schools; free, but no parental choice of subjects and teaching styles

Christian Academy of America



Limited course choices; pay per student


Story of The Old Schoolhouse® and

A major leader in affordable homeschooling online is, the curriculum division of The Old Schoolhouse® company. One Ultimate Membership gives a whole family unlimited access to more than 400 courses, covering Pre-K to Grade 12. Lessons can be downloaded and printed or completed online with the help of interactive content that kids love! There are no additional fees and no textbooks to buy.

Here are more amazing features that parents will discover on the site—all included with their membership:

  • 450+ Streaming Videos
  • 10 Libraries of World Book Online
  • 13 Focused Learning Centers
  • Special Needs Resources
  • Online Music Courses
  • Physical Education Teaching Resources
  • Organizational Tools
  • Applecore Recordkeeping System
  • Members Forum
  • Facebook Group
  • Customer Service Team
  • Monthly Menus!

Membership also includes a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, delivered to the door quarterly, containing over 120 pages of help and encouragement in beautiful, glossy print. This famous trade publication of the homeschooling community was started in 2001 as an online newsletter by publishers Paul and Gena Suarez. Read the story of how God has worked through a homeschooling mom’s dream to build a company that is blessing thousands of homeschooling families. It is an ongoing building project that is nearly two decades in the making and counting.

Paul and Gena believe that finances should not prevent any family from teaching their children at home where they belong; so they continually strive to publish affordable homeschooling online resources. A great place for families to begin is Schoolhouse Connect, where they can claim their FREE Get Started Pack of e-books and articles—more than 50 titles! Another FREE gold mine is The Homeschool Minute, a weekly e-mail newsletter bringing parents fresh encouragement and information about affordable homeschooling options.

With all the outstanding resources available today, this truly is a great time to homeschool online!


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