Becoming a Distinguished Writer in High School

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The ability to write well is a skill homeschooling students are in the perfect position to master. Whether your child wants to attend a college, run their own business, or build a portfolio of published material, it is entirely possible for them to do so by becoming a distinguished writer in high school. But what do I mean by “a distinguished writer?’’ I mean your child has the opportunity to write for acclaimed publications through articles, books, and magazines. These opportunities will provide them with credibility in the fields they wish to pursue.

The skill of becoming a talented writer is something that can be taught at home through a good curriculum and a great deal of practice. Most homeschooling families are aware of this, already providing their children with an opportunity to learn the skill of writing. Becoming a distinguished writer is something that follows a young writer’s education and may be sought after during one’s high school years. I have described three steps your child may take to using their skills as a published writer below.


  1. Master the Skill of Writing Well

In order to become a distinguished writer, one must first learn how to write well. The ability to create clear and well-structured sentences must be present within the writer. This can be taught through the plethora of writing curriculum available to homeschoolers across the world. Once your child practices writing on a regular basis, it will become easier and easier to do well.


  1. Define Your Child’s Interests

While I love to write, I only enjoy writing about subjects that interest me. I believe I would be right in assuming your child is no different. If your child is ready for the opportunities available to write published works, you must help them define their interests. While this may sound obvious, becoming a distinguished writer is not about writing for the sake of writing. It is about writing published works that can provide credibility within the fields they wish to pursue.


  1. Reach Out and Get Published!

While it sounds difficult, getting your work published by popular blogs and magazines is not as far-fetched as one may think. The best way to go about this is by building a portfolio of your child’s published work, sharing it with other publications they wish to write for. I understand most high school students have never had their work published before; there is always the first step. Writing opportunities are everywhere, and once they have a published work, they can share that example of their talent with other publications. has a wonderful opportunity for high school students to build their writing portfolios through the Teen Writers Group. In this group, your high school students are given the opportunity to write short historical stories for the use of homeschooling families. This is one excellent opportunity for your child to grow into a distinguished writer.


Noah Tetzner is a lifelong homeschooling advocate and student who enjoys sharing his love of history and writing with homeschooling students and families all over the world. He is the host of a popular podcast called The History of Vikings which features discussions about Vikings, Norse myth, and the history of Medieval Scandinavia. Each week, Noah is joined by an acclaimed scholar and the podcast regularly features professors from Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge University. Most recently, Noah has launched a new podcast called Lessons from a Homeschooler, where he is joined by experts across the homeschooling world to discuss topics such as history, literature, and education.


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  1. Andrea Dvorachek says :Reply

    My daughter loves writing. She loves writing mysteries for children and other silly stories. How/where specifically can she go to try to get published and help from someone more qualified than me, her mom?
    Andrea D.

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