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blog astronauts and anglesAs children grow up, they often have an idea of what they want to be when they are adults, perhaps an astronaut, a teacher, or a fireman. But we all know that that can change in a week . . . or even in a day. With ABC What Will I Be? preschoolers can catch a glimpse of 26 different career choices. Alecia Francois provides printables, hands-on activities, links to resources such as book lists, music, etc., so children can learn as much as possible, even at this young age. When children are in high school, they may have a better handle on what they want to be when they graduate, but the tricky part is getting them through those difficult courses. Trigonometry is just such as a course, for many. Taught by Martha Candler, Trigonometry is a supplemental course that spends time looking at right angles, acute angles, graphing, inverse functions, solving trigonometric equations, and more. Written instruction, helpful illustrations, practice exercises, answer keys, and additional resources for further learning will aid in your student’s understanding of this challenging topic.


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