Article Spotlight ~ Breaking Out of the Public School Mindset – By Mary Hood, Ph.D.

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 The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - September/October 2014

Article Spotlight~

*As parents, you are really the experts concerning your own children.

*The homeschool movement is facing a new waves of homeschoolers who have been streaming out of the public schools over Common Core.

*What is the biggest mistake a new homeschooler can make?

*Stop! Breathe in and out! Relax!

*What about the grade level? How do you know where to start?

*What exactly is a “curriculum?”

*Don’t feel afraid or inadequate.

*All of your ducks don’t have to be in a row at the beginning of the school year.







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New school year, new start. Just like a new calendar year can help you feel full of optimism and strong resolutions, so can the start of a new school year.

You have fresh ideas, new curriculum, and inspiration to help you start your year. Read the new September/October issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine to help you find ways to keep that new year enthusiasm. Deborah Wuehler provides suggestions for staying strong when the newness of the year wears off; Dr. Mary Hood encourages you to be flexible in your homeschooling and focus on key values, skills, knowledge and talents; and Heidi St. John reminds you that you can restore balance by not accepting every opportunity, just as a batter doesn’t have to swing at every ball pitched. Plus gain tips for teaching unit studies, music, writing, art, preschoolers, and more in this issue.

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