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artantsandadventures is one of the best places to find homeschool courses you won’t find anywhere else. Our teachers are extremely creative, and they love to share what they learn with families around the world. This creativity and love is the reason for four of our newest courses. We know you will enjoy them. Learning About Art with Sharon Jeffus is a series of ten lessons specially designed to teach preschoolers and early elementary students about art. They’ll look at Audubon, Homer, Rousseau, and many other masters and learn about lines, movement, shapes, and more. They’ll also have a chance to make their own creative pictures. No former knowledge of art is required to present this class as guidance is given throughout. Art Tips with Jan Bower is a high school course designed to be used as a follow up or companion to Jan’s first course on, Drawing with Realism. The short video clips presented offer art tips that help students improve at any level. The professional tips and tricks can help artists to move past roadblocks they may face. A new, fun, and simple art tip will be posted each week. A Different Kind of Bible Study with Rosemarie Pagano is a fun Bible study that takes a closer look at the ant, hyrax, locust, and lizard found in Proverbs 30 and shows us what we can learn about our own walk with God from these creatures. The ants are Wise Team Players. The hyraxes are Little Rock Dwellers. The locust is the Soldier of Destruction and is mentioned several times in the Bible. The Lord used locust plagues as warnings. The lizard is the Confident Wall Walker. We’ll look at how it “holds on.” Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar is another course from Vision Video. It shares the growing up story of Carlos, an ever-curious little caterpillar who often finds himself in one predicament or another. Helped by his Uncle Pedro, a butterfly with a lifetime of experience behind him, Carlos learns many lessons that will help him through his own little journey of life! Children ages 4 to 10 will enjoy these entertaining, animated specials with a Latin flavor. Each episode illustrates a lesson such as the importance of being yourself, responsibility, appreciating what we have, the importance of honesty, being careful what you let your eyes see, and other important topics.


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