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You’ll need your hands for these classes. Hands-On Architecture, taught by Amy Gillispie, contains step-by-step architecture lessons for elementary and middle school students. The first unit introduces students to exciting, easy-to-find materials they will use to make fun architectural structures (lines, planes, shapes; building with food; building with wood); Unit 2 takes students through the design of their own home in nine lessons. The third unit is a nine-lesson course that leads students through the design of a zoo. Printable lessons along with step-by-step photos are provided, along with multiple project assignments. Hands-on Hebrew with Evonne Mandella is a basic introduction to the pronunciation of commonly used Hebrew words. By the end of the course, elementary and middle school students are able to read a couple of verses from the Old Testament in the original Hebrew. Instruction focuses on pronunciation guides, videos, word games, and Scripture references. Vocabulary includes words for family, words for parts of the body, chair, door, room, table, window, morning, light, evening, night, tired, season, spring, fall, winter, summer, and more.


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