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A Worm’s Work Is Never Done

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Really? A worm? What does a worm have to do? Doesn’t it just inch through the dirt and give some of us the willies? Join Rosemarie Pagano in Bug Science as she helps elementary students (and their parents) understand the biology of worms and their role in the environment. Fourteen lessons present good and bad worms, vermicomposting, tapeworms, flukes, leeches, and entomophagy. What is entomophagy, you ask? You’ll have to join Rosemarie to find out. Middle and high school students can learn about the plants that worms help in Botany with Julie Polanco. This 16-lesson science course discusses plant cells, transpiration, plant defense, flowers and food, gymnosperms, plants as medicine, and more. Study text, worksheets, answer keys, activities, and experiments are provided. Students wishing to obtain credit can count this course as one semester of life science, provided all the work is completed.


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