A Painting in Print

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How can the words of a painting inspire you? When that painting is the result of expertly used imagery in writing. Two new courses on are designed to introduce students to that imagery and teach them how to use it in their own writing. Opening the Door to Poetry with Allison Tuggle is a nine-week introduction to poetry for middle school students. It was created for the student who has not read much poetry in the past and explores how to read and think about poetry, various poetic forms, vocabulary, literary devices, memorization, writing, and more. Paint with Your Words with Gina Conroy is mini-course for middle school. Students are taught how to convert passive writing into active writing, how to incorporate the five senses into their writing, how to choose strong words, and how to weave figurative language into what they write. It covers the basics of descriptive writing and how to put into words what you see in your mind so the reader can see it too.


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